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Holland Prize: Rules and Recommendations


It is anticipated that individuals will perform all of the hand delineation or CAD drawing on their own. However, recognizing that field measuring is generally not accomplished single-handedly, more than one individual may be utilized to produce the drawing.

Final submissions must be on standard-sized (24" x 36") HABS, HAER, or HALS media. Official and unaltered HABS, HAER, or HALS title block must be used. The AutoCAD file with the title block will be provided upon receipt of the entry form and draft drawing. The lines of the title block may not be altered in any manner. Name and location information should be verified with the Holland Prize Coordinator before being plotted.

The final drawing should be plotted on vellum. Plotting is available from the HDP office, upon prior arrangement with the Holland Prize Coordinator. CAD drawings must be plotted on archival vellum using a laser plotter. Inkjet plots are not considered archival, and will not be accepted.

Submissions are to follow the documentation Standards and Guidelines for HABS, HAER, or HALS, depending on the site or structure being recorded.

The sheet should include only those elements that best represent and/or convey what is significant about the site or structure from the standpoint of both history and design. The sheet can encompass any—but not necessarily all—of the following elements: plan(s), elevation(s), section(s), site plan, and details such as typical windows and doors, architectural details and molding profiles, and construction elements in the case of HABS recording. Submission of HAER drawings, in addition to the above, may also include process plan(s) and machinery sections and details. Likewise HALS drawings may include vegetation and circulation plans, and hardscape elements. A very brief, concise statement of significance may appear on the sheet, and is required if there is to be no accompanying written report. Additional information beyond the concise statement can be provided in a short-format historical report that will also add bonus points to the overall score. Plans and elevations are generally shown in the same scale, but two scales may be used in order to facilitate a more comprehensive inclusion of elements. Likewise, sections may be in a different scale, depending on the amount of detail shown.

The HABS/HAER/HALS collection is in the public domain, therefore, the delineators, although given credit for their work, do not retain copyright. A copyright release form (pdf) must accompany each submission. Read more about copyright and public domain.

See the Submission Guidelines for a list of the items to submit with your entry.

NOTE: The HABS/HAER/HALS staff is available to provide up to two preliminary reviews of Holland Prize submissions for both drawings and historical reports before 15 September. Please contact the Holland Prize Coordinator if you wish to submit drafts for review.