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Holland Prize: Judging and Rating Scale



The jury will consist of representatives from the three member institutions: the National Park Service's Heritage Documentation Programs (HDP); Preservation Architect; and the Library of Congress's Center for Architecture, Design, and Engineering. More than one representative from HDP may be on hand to judge the entries, depending on the subject matter.


Rating Scale (100 point maximum + up to 5 bonus points)

  • Bonus Points (5 point maximum)
    HABS, HAER, or HALS short-format historical report to accompany drawing

  • Appropriate Level of Documentation (20 point maximum)
    Well interpreted (20 points)
    Significant features missing or not interpreted (10 points)
    Not well documented or interpreted (5 points)

  • Dimension and Annotations (15 point maximum)
    Excellent: highly informative (15 points)
    Adequate: informative (10 points)
    Minimal: uninformative (5 points)

  • Field Records (20 point maximum)
    Field records verify how the structure or site was recorded. They may consist of sketches and measurements done by hand, or data that shows how measurements were captured using digital technology (for example, laser scanning or photogrammetry). For an example of hand measured field notes, see the HABS Guide to Field Documentation. For an example of field notes created with digital technology, please contact the Holland Prize Coordinator.

    Well-organized, detailed, legible, and accurately convey measurements required to produce measured drawings (20 points)
    Adequately convey information and measurements necessary to produce measured drawings (13 points)
    Minimal information and measurements (7 points)

  • Drafting Quality (20 point maximum)
    Excellent (20 points)
    Good (13 points)
    Fair (7 points)

  • Sheet Composition (25 point maximum)
    Excellent (25 points)
    Good (16 points)
    Fair (8 points)