On the Road 安全行车


Careful preparation eases the strain of traveling to new environments. Planning ahead can often make the difference between a good trip and a great trip.


Visiting an active volcano has its own inherent hazards and advance preparation is recommended.


Your safety 安全须知

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park encompasses two of the world's most active volcanoes: Kīlauea and Mauna Loa. This is a very dynamic natural area with many dangers. Educate yourself as to the hazards. Common sense is not enough. Stay Alert - stay alive!



Drive courteously and defensively. Use seatbelts and headlights. Watch for pedestrians and bicyclists. Avoid the endangered nene goose.


Trails 游道及徒步小径

Stay on marked trails! Vegetation or cinders may hide deep cracks in the ground. Use caution near cliffs, cracks, and steam vents. The edges of these features are unstable and can be slippery. Keep your children safe.


Hiking over cracks and holes, loose rock, and thin lave crust greatly increases your risk of getting hurt. Falling on lava may result in severe wounds.


Carry and drink plenty of water 一定要携带足够的水,徒步过程中要多喝水

Avoid hiking after dark (cracks, cravasses, and cliffs look like shadows-depth is not evident in the dark).



Volcanic fumes 火山烟雾

Fumes (volcanic gasses) are hazardous to everyone's health. Visitors with heart or breathing problems and infants, young children, and pregnant women are especially at risk and should avoid being in areas where fumes persist.


The eruptive vent in Halema'uma'u Crater (since 2008), Sulphur Banks, and Pu'u 'Ō'ō vent (since 1983) generate high levels of gasses that may affect visitors-even those visitors who are healthy.


Concentrations of these gasses is often dependent on wind direction. Hawai'i 's normal trade wind pattern generally blows gasses, emitted from the two main vents on Kīlauea, away from most visitor areas. However, even on a trade wind day, fumes from Pu'u 'Ō'ō and Halema'uma'u may cross a roadway or linger in other areas of the park. in this event, close your car windows and run the air conditioning on recycled air and leave the area.


There are times when the park will close due to high levels of volcanic gasses. Be flexible-closures are initiated for visitor and employee safety.


Near the ocean 海岸区域

The park's coastline does not include safe beaches or swimming areas that visitor may drive to. Expect strong winds, steep and unstable sea cliffs, and high waves.


Volcanic eruptions 火山喷发

Volcanic eruptions can occur at any time and can be extremely hazardous. Even from a distance, gasses and fallout (pele's hair, pumice and cinder) can cause lung and eye irritation.



Lodging 住宿

The Volcano House Hotel

Located within Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park and nestled on the rim of Kīlauea caldera, the Volcano House Hotel facility with its unique charm, has captured the hearts of local islanders and travelers from all over the world. As Hawai'i's oldest continually operated hotel, with a history dating back to 1846, the Volcano House Hotel has offered spectacular views and warm hospitality for decades.



The Volcano House Hotel is just a short walk across crater rim drive from park headquarters and the Kīlauea Visitor Center. From Hilo: 30 miles southwest From Hilo 30 miles southwest on highway 11 (a 45 minute drive); from Kailua-Kona: 96 miles southeast on Highway 11(2 to 2 1/2 hour drive), or 125 miles through Waimea and Hilo via highways 19 and 11 (2 1/2 to 3 hours).


Ten camper cabins are operated by Volcano House Hotel and are located in Namakanipaio Campground.

Namakanipaio 野营区内的10个小木屋也由火山之家旅馆经营管理。

For more information go to http://www.hawaiivolcanohouse.com

更多信息请到 http://www.hawaiivolcanohouse.com


Camping 露营

There are two drive-in campgrounds in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, Nāmakanipaio and Kulanaokuaiki. Entrance fees to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park apply and may be paid at the entrance station. Nāmakanipaio is operated by Hawai'i Volcanoes Lodge Company. Please visit http://www.hawaiivolcanohouse.com/cabins-campsites/ or call them at 808-756-9625 for more information.

公园内有两处可开车直接到达的露营场所。Namakanipaio营地及Kulanaokuaiki营地。露营地费用可在入口站支付. Namakanipaio由夏威夷火山之家旅馆公司经营。 请访问 http://www.hawaiivolcanohouse.com/cabins-campsites/ 或致电808-756-9625了解更多信息。

Nāmakanipaio Campground, is located 31 1/2miles south of Hilo on Highway 11 at 4000' elevation. It is a large, open grassy area with tall eucalyptus and 'ohia trees. This campground has restrooms, water, picnic tables, and barbecue pits. Campfires are permitted in the barbeque pits only. These are shared facilities with just a few individual sites.

Nāmakanipaio 露营场地位于希洛以南(11号高度公路),31.5英里处,海拔高度为4000英尺。Nāmakanipaio是一片开阔的草地,有高大的桉树和俄希亚树。营地设有厕所、饮用水、野餐桌、烧烤坑等公用设施。只允许在烧烤坑内燃火。这些公用设施有限,供露营者共同分享使用。


  • There is a pay station on site. Cash or checks are accepted
  • Credit card payment may be made at the Volcano House
  • Drive in sites - $15.00 per night
  • 露营场所设有付费台。接受现金或支票
  • 可在火山之家(Volcano House)支付信用卡
  • 驾驶露营 - 每晚$ 15.00

Weather can be cool and damp year-round. Daytime temperature range 60s to 70s F. Nighttime temperature range: high 30s to 50s degrees F. we suggest that you use a tent with a good rainfly and bring warm clothing for cool days and evenings.

夏威夷火山国家公园位于热带雨林中,全年雨水多,天气阴凉湿润。白天气温变化范围为 60-70华氏度;夜间气温变化为30-50华氏度。我们建议您露营时携带防雨帐篷,同时携带保暖的衣服。

Kulanaokuaiki Campground is located about 5 miles down the Hilina Pali Road at 2,700' elevation. There is NO WATER at this location. This new campground has 8 campsites. 2 of the sites are wheelchair accessible. There is a vault-type toilet (no running water), and picnic tables. Fires are NOT permitted.

Kulanaokuaiki露营地距离Hilina Pali路约5英里, 海拔2,700英尺。没有水
。这个露营地有8个露营点。 2个露营点是轮椅通道。有一个拱式厕所(没有自来水),和野餐桌。不允许篝火。

  • $10.00 a night per site - stay limit of seven consecutive days
  • $5.00 a night per site for campers who hold the Interagency Senior (Golden Age) and Golden Access passes
  • Fees may be paid at the campground's self-registration station
  • 每晚$10, 逗留限额连续七天
  • 每晚$5,如持有老年卡和永久性残疾卡的野营者
  • 费用可在露营地的自助注册站支付
Nighttime temperature range: high 40s to high 60s degrees F. Daytime temperature range: high 60s to 90s degrees F. We suggest that you use a tent with a good rainfly and bring warm clothing for cool days and evenings.

夜间气温变化为40-60华氏度.白天气温变化范围为 60-90华氏度;我们建议您露营时携带防雨帐篷,同时携带保暖的衣服。

Service in Volcano Village, located right outside the park:


Stores 商店

Two small village grocery stores and a hardware store are located in Volcano Village. The nearest large shopping area is in Hilo (31 1/2 miles away, 45 minutes drive).

火山村内有两家不大的杂货店及一家五金商店。离公园最近的购物中心位于希洛(距公园31.5 英里,45分钟车程)。

Laundry 洗衣店

A Laundromat is located at the rear of the Thai Thai Restaurant/Volcano True Value Hardware store in Volcano Village.

在泰泰餐厅(ThaiThai)及火山村真价五金店(True Value)背后有一家自助洗衣店。

Weather and Climate 气候及温度

Island weather is unpredictable. Visitors should be prepared for rain and wear layers of clothing to ensure their comfort while exploring the park.


Local weather at Kīlauea's summit (4000' elevation) varies daily and may be rainy and chilly any time of the year. Temperature varies by elevation. At the summit of the volcano, temperatures may be 12 to 15 degrees cooler than at the sea level. The coastal plain at the end of chain of craters road, where lava crossed the road in 2003, is often hot, dry, and windy with the possibility of passing showers.


Accessibility 可到达度

The Kīlauea Visitor Center, Jaggar Museum, Volcano House Hotel, and Volcano Art Center are wheelchair accessible.


Pullouts along Crater Rim Drive and Chain of Craters Road afford panoramic views of the park.


Accessible pathways include Waldron Ledge (earthquake trail), Devastation Trail, Pauahi Crater, Muliwai a Pele, and Kealakomo Overlook.

轮椅可到达的游道(小径)有:沃尔德伦石墙(地震小道)、毁灭小道(devastation trail)Pauahi 火山口, Muliwai a pele Kealakomo 瞭望台。

Campgrounds 营地

Nāmakanipaio campground has restrooms with water and moderately accessible campsites.

Kulanaokuaiki campground has 2 accessible campsites, an accessible toilet, but no water.


Kulanaokuaiki 营地有两个轮椅使用者可到达的扎营点,有轮椅使用者可使用的厕所。但该营地没有饮用水。

Drinking water 饮用水

Kīlauea Visitor Center, Jaggar Museum, Thurston lava tube, and Nāmakanipaio campground all have drinking water.


Restrooms 公用厕所

Kīlauea Visitor Center, Kīlauea Overlook, Jaggar Museum, Thurston Lava Tube, Nāmakanipaio campground, Kīpukapuaulu picnic area, Mauna Ulu, Kulanaokuaiki campground and the turnaround at the end of chain of the craters road all have restrooms.

基拉韦厄游客中心、基拉韦厄观景台、贾格尔博物馆、瑟斯顿火山溶洞、Nāmakanipaio露营地、Kīpukapuaulu野餐点、Mauna UluKulanaokuaiki露营地、及火山口之路末端都有公用厕所。

Wheelchairs 轮椅提供

Wheelchairs are available for use at Kīlauea Visitor Center and the Jaggar museum.



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