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“Of all the movies and video I’ve seen over the years, "Born of Fire, Born of the Sea", must certainly be the best. It integrates a rather complex story of the natural and cultural history of these very special islands called Hawai`i into a smooth flowing narrative of creation, evolution, and change. There is the thoughtful presentation of the Hawaiian’s point of view and wonderful glimpses of native wildlife. The movie challenges the viewer to see the value in maintaining the islands’ cultural and natural history intact for future generations, and one way is through the perpetuation of natural processes in Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park.” Dwight Hamilton, Hilo, Hawaii

“Wow! This movie is excellent. We truly enjoyed it. I hope you get it into the schools, as it would be a great teaching tool. We were so impressed” Anne Topic, Washington, DC

“In my 60 years on the island and coming to this park, this new film is the best one ever." Isamu Kaneshiro, Hilo, Hawaii.

"In March 2004, my husband and I traveled to the Big Island of Hawaii and visited Volcanoes National Park. I was very impressed with your video, Born of fire, Born of the Sea, which I saw at the visitor center. This video is directly on point with the geological portion of my Introduction to Physical Geography course. It also ties in the biological sections with the discussion of Hawaii's unique flora and fauna. Before viewing Born of Fire, Born of the Sea, I had not seen anything so relevant (and done as well) to my course." Elizabeth Witztum, Department of Geography, San Diego State University

After watching “Born of Fire…Born of the Sea,” the students in Ms. Kajikawa’s 3rd grade class at Waipahu Elementary wrote:

“Thank you for showing us the movie about the beauty of Hawaii. My favorite part was when all the plants grew. I also liked the part when the volcano formed the islands. I learned many other things like how our ancestors came here and I also learned that the happy face spider only lives here in Hawaii. When I grow up maybe I can become a park ranger too. “ Your friend, Jennifer

“I liked seeing the people weaving the clothes, slippers and even I liked when the volcano was erupting. I learned that when I grow up I want to learn all about volcanoes and I also want to be a park ranger. I think that we need to keep the national parks the way it is because we can see how it was long ago.” Sincerely, Eolynna

“We really learned a lot of things about volcanoes. I learn that the volcanoes formed the Hawaiian Islands. I think that we should take care of our national parks so we know what the islands looked like long ago. When I grow up I would like to be a park ranger and would like to see the national park.” Sincerely, Leilani

“I thought the video was great. It was so cool to see the volcanoes erupt from the ground. I learned that a volcano is erupting in the ocean by the Big Island. I feel glad because I saw some special plants and animals.” From, Kevin

“Thank you for helping us learn how volcanoes help form the island and when the volcanoes first started forming out island. I learned that it is important to save the parks. I hope I can do something for you one day.” Your friend, Jordan

"Thanks you for showing us the movie. The movie was cool because I saw the volcano erupt. After the volcano the humans came and dropped off the animals and plants. I even saw a happy face spider.” Your friend, Anthony

“When I saw the movie I learn that the volcanoes start in the water and keep growing until it pushes its way up to the top. The Polynesians came in a boat with animals in it and came to Hawaii to live here. Then other people came. We also brought animals that destroy the land so the president at that time made national parks so that some land would always look like the old days. So when I grow up I might be a park ranger like you so I could find more information about Volcanoes and protect the parks.” Love, Nomielyn

“The movie looked like it was for real (long ago)! A lot of the organisms—such as plants, animals and other living creatures—are there for people to enjoy watching them and studying the way they grow.” Sincerely, Storman

“Thanks for showing us the movie. I wish I can visit your forest so I can tell my classmates. I learned that the Hawaiians made brooms, slippers, houses and rugs from woods from the forest. They took care of the animals too.” From, Liufaumanu

“I learned that the lava goes 35 miles an hour and it is very hot. One thing I would like to thank you for is that my class and I got to see a cool Happy Face Spider.” Love, Lyle

“My class learned a lot. I learned that the volcanoes erupted 80 million years ago and formed the Hawaiian Island. Things grew in the islands from other places. The plants came here by the wind, the birds, and the ocean. When people came they built all kinds of stuff. The national park saved some of the Hawaiian plants and animals. When I grow up I would want to be a park ranger, a writer, or an artist.” Sincerely, Jimilyn

“Thank you for the movie. I like when the man was making the slipper and uses it. I also like when they were making a hook. It looked really nice and beautiful.” Sincerely, Omalyn

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