After Dark in the Park Video Archives - Nov 16 2010

October 16, 2010 - "Volcanoes - Global Perspectives"

John ("Jack") Lockwood (volcanologist) and Rick Hazlett (University Professor and former HAVO Park Ranger) have been, for over 25 years, working on a major volcanology textbook to describe the Earth's volcanoes and volcanism. Their full-color book has at last been published, and is now available as a reference book for geologists, volcanology students and just plain closet volcanologists. Join Jack as he presents a broad overview of the entire field of volcanology - from the "Red Volcanoes" of Hawai`i to the explosive "Grey Volcanoes" of the Pacific Rim and beyond. Hawai`i Natural History Association will have copies of the book available for purchase and personalized autographing the night of the program.


There is no video available for this presentation


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