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November 26, 2013 - "Large Earthquakes in the Hawaiian Islands: What You Need to Know"

Wes Thelen
USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Seismologist, Dr. Wes Thelen

The Island of Hawai'i has a long history of damaging, deadly, and costly earthquakes. But, did you know that large earthquakes are an ever-present danger throughout the State of Hawaii? And do you know what to do to protect yourself during the next big earthquake? Weston Thelen, a seismologist with the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, will present an overview of damaging earthquakes in Hawaii, including current theories on why they occur, and what you need to know about future large earthquakes. He will also talk about Hawai'i's first Great ShakeOut, an earthquake drill that will take place on October 17, and how you can join in on the global effort to increase awareness of earthquake hazards and how to minimize their risks.

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