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Secrets of The 'Apapane - Kindergarten

An 'apapane nestled in a 'ōhia tree
An 'apapane nestled in a 'ōhia tree

Lynda J Goff

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Grade Level:
Biology: Animals, Conservation, Ecology
One hour
Group Size:
Up to 60


Young students learn about the 'apapane and it's role in the native Hawaiian forest through utilizing their senses and observational skills.


  • Understand the unique nature of Hawaii's native species
  • Learn to recognize 'apapane and its place in nature
  • Foster an appreciation for Hawaii's natural environment


'Apapane are the most common surviving member of the endemic Hawaiian Honeycreepers - forest birds that have a number of unique adaptations to fit specific ecological niches. A major adaptation for many of these birds was the development of their bills into various unusual forms, in order to best exploit their major food sources. 'Apapane have a number of adaptations and through keen observation and utilization of our senses we can come to understand what these adaptations are, as well as the important role this incredibly special bird has in its' natural environment.

Last updated: June 8, 2017