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Amazing Lava Products: Grades 5-12

Mauna Ulu
Mauna Ulu

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Grade Level:
Fifth Grade-Twelfth Grade
Geology, History, Mathematics, Science and Technology
2 hours
Group Size:
Up to 60


Meeting at the site of one of the longest eruptions in recorded Hawaiian history, we take you on a journey through post eruption, debris, formations, and creation. Using science, math and history, students are able to take an in-depth look into the after effects of volcanic activity in Hawai'i, as well as gain a better understanding of the different formations created in the process. From tree molds to reticulite we bring these creations to life as we explore the science behind them.


  • Learn basic map reading skills
  • Convert measurements
  • Identify different lava formations
  • Understand process of formation
  • Use scientific process to answer questions  


Mauna Ulu is located along the east rift zone of Kīlauea Volcano. It is an area of striking contrast and variety and landscapes ranging from newly formed lava flows to verdant rain forests. Dramatic features include the shield of Mauna Ulu, spatter ramparts, fissures, lava trees and molds, and an array of volcanic tephra.


Tephra, Reticulite, Spatter, Kīpuka, Fissure

Last updated: June 8, 2017