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Ko Kākou Mau Hoaaloha i ka Ululā‘au:  “Our Friends in the Forest”

Native Hawaiian Rainforest


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Grade Level:
First Grade
Biology: Plants, Climate Change, Conservation, Ecology, Environment
one hour
Group Size:
Up to 60


Using the powers of observation, students learn the importance of our native forest and trees to humans in every day life.


  • Learn the importance of native trees to forest ecosystems
  • Learn the importance of forests and trees to sustaining human life
  • Learn the importance of trees in making products humans commonly need


Forests are remarkably important natural resources which are constantly utilized. The role they play in providing products and services for humans is substantial and it is important to understand the need to properly conserve and maintain their ability to continue to provide these services for generations to come. Understanding traditional ecologic knowledge (TEK) about forest resources provides us with a way to learn to manage them effectively, and also reestablishes our traditional relationship with our natural forest resources.


mana‘o, laulima

Last updated: June 8, 2017