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Portrait of a dark-haired lady with hair in a bun and pink cheeks.  She is wearing a gray simple dress.
Portrait of Helen Ridgley


A Modern Woman:
The Many Roles & Achievements of Helen West Stewart Ridgley

It was said that she could work at the farm tending chickens all morning, go back to the Mansion and change clothes, then catch the train for Washington and have tea at the White House with her friends, the President and Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt.

In many ways, Helen West Stewart Ridgely (1854-1929) was a model of the modern woman during her time. She traveled independently, continued her studies, managed the estate and its finances, formed her own opinions and expressed them openly, was active in civic endeavors, kept an apartment in Baltimore, was Chair of the Ladies Auxiliary for the Maryland Delegation to the 1907 Jamestown Exposition, and learned to drive an automobile. However, there are some areas in which Helen was not so forward thinking as in others. For example, she opposed women’s suffrage, and even though she approved “modern” conveniences such as modern plumbing, a new heating system and telephone in the mansion, Helen refused to allow the installation of electricity.


Helen West Stewart Ridgley As A...

  • Black and white photo of young boy and 2 young girls
    Daughter, Sister, & Student

    Helen West Stewart was born on July 27, 1854 at Upton Park, the Stewart family’s country residence which still survives in West Baltimore.

  • black and white photo of man and woman
    Wife & Mother

    A young Helen West Stewart and John Ridgley met while traveling abroad in Europe with their families in the spring of 1872.

  • yellowish paper with light writing
    Household & Farm Supervisor

    In addition to managing the household and gardens, she oversaw some various farm and grounds operations, especially focusing on the poultry.

  • greenish paper with black writing
    Civic Participant

    Helen Ridgely held several positions of leadership in civic organizations.

  • yellowish paper with light writing

    Helen was a prolific writer throughout her lifetime.

  • watercolor with pink flower and green leaves
    Naturalist & Botanist

    Helen took great interest in the natural world, whether depicting landscapes nearby and abroad.

  • yellowish paper with 4 black and white photographs

    Helen West Stewart Ridgely traveled extensively throughout her life, both in the United States and in Europe.

  • painting of building, tree, stream, bridge

    Helen Ridgely was a skilled artist who enjoyed creating works with watercolors, pencil, or pen and ink on paper.


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