Traffic & Travel Tips

Safe driving tips:
All areas of Haleakalā National Park are remote, prone to extreme weather conditions, and are accessed via winding, sometimes steep, roads. Follow these tips to ensure a safe drive.

  • Obey the speed limit. It is your responsibility to know the speed limit of the zone you are in.
  • Obey all posted traffic signs and instructions from park staff.
  • If you have a line of vehicles behind you, pull over at the nearest designated pull out to let them pass.
  • Do not stop in the road to take pictures. Pull over at a designated pull out.
  • Pass only in passing zones. Do not cross double yellow lines. There are many blind curves on the road.
  • When driving in clouds, rain, or other low visibility conditions, use your low beam headlights.
  • During strong winds, drive with both hands on the steering wheel, watch for flying debris, and be careful when opening your car doors.
  • Watch for wildlife in the road. Honk your horn to encourage them off the road. Pass them if and when it is safe to do so.
  • In the Kīpahulu District, make sure to obey "blow horn" signs. Honk your horn and listen for the horns of others. Proceed slowly.
  • When descending the mountain, use a low gear. Consult your owner's manual for specific instructions. See below for examples.
This is an example of a simple downshift.
This is an example of low gear.

NPS photo

How to downshift
Move the shifter to "M", then use the "+/-" for precision.

NPS photo

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For general park information, please call us at (808) 572-4400. -Summit Area -Crater Area -Hiking Trails -Camping -Back country travel -Cabin reservations Our recorded message is available 24-hours a day and will likely contain an answer to your question. To speak to a park representative, call the same number and press 0 during our office hours of 8:00 am - 3:45 pm HST. Kipahulu (Coastal Area) Please call 248-7375 during our office hours of 9am-5pm HST.

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