Prepare for your Ranger led Field Trip

Ranger leading a group of students.
Ranger leading a group of students.


Prepare for your Ranger-led Field Trip

If you are a teacher enrolled in a Ranger-led Field Trip, please print and distribute the materials below. Planning ahead and preparing your group will help make the park visit a memorable and fun
learning experience for you and your students.

Teacher Information (PDF)

Parent/Student Information (PDF)

Chaperone Information (PDF)


Grades K-2

3.5 hours

Haleakalā: Home Sweet Home

A habitat is a specific place where plants and animals live. Haleakalā National Park offers the opportunity for students to discover and explore habitats as they apply and expand concepts and knowledge learned in the classroom.


Grade 3

3.5 hours

Amazing Adaptations

Living things use adaptations to respond to life needs for survival. Students will investigate adaptations of plants and animals living in Haleakalā National Park using observation, cooperation, discovery, and participation skills.


Grades 4-5

3.5 hours

Haleakalā Rocks! Biological Diversity of Haleakalā

The Earth is constantly changing and evolving. These changes occur through natural processes such as plate tectonics, weathering, and erosion, while other changes are caused by human actions. Students will understand the forces and processes that create Earth's various landforms.


Grades 6-8

3.5 hours

Biological Diversity of Haleakalā

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