Field Trips

Ranger-Led Field Trips

Haleakalā National Park offers free, ranger-led, curriculum-based programs for grades K-8. Allow about 3 ½ hours for the ranger-led field trips. re-visit and post-visit activities can be used in the classroom before and after the field trip. These activities are designed to help teachers meet Hawai'i Content and Performance Standards III and Next Generation Science Standards . Find out how to plan and prepare for a Haleakalā National Park field trip!

Please fill out the reservation form for scheduling an in park curriculum based field trip. Travel grants may be available for schools with restricted travel budgets. Schools must be scheduled to attend one of the park’s ranger-led educational programs to qualify.

Guidelines For Your Trip

Before your group arrives, it is important to be aware of some basic guidelines. Students and chaperones will have a more enjoyable experience if they are well-equipped for the day. The following handouts will help inform everyone of the expectations for the trip:

Parent and Student Information (pdf)

Chaperone Information (pdf)

Teacher Information (pdf)

Evaluation form

After you complete your visit to Haleakalā, please fill out our evaluation form and return it in an enclosed envelope. Your feedback is very important and will help us improve this program for future teachers and students.

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