Be a Junior Ranger

line art of virtual junior ranger badge
Print, color, and cut out your virtual badge. If you like wood badges color the badge brown. If you like bronze or gold badges find those favorite crayons you never get to use!

Virtual Junior Ranger Program

Coloring pages, word search puzzles, and a maze are found on the Park Fun page. Additional activities are posted as developed. You earn the virtual badge to print out and enjoy at home. We will NOT be mailing any materials or awards as part of this program.
wooden Hagerman Fossil Beds Junior Ranger badge
The Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument Junior Ranger badge is earned during visits to the park. These badges ARE NOT MAILED.

Place Based Junior Ranger

Junior Rangers are special people. Anyone is welcome to participate in our programs but park visitors between the ages of 6 and 12 years old are especially invited to become a Hagerman Fossil Beds Junior Ranger.

There are a variety of activities to do on the way to becoming a Junior Ranger while visiting the park. Ask for a free Junior Ranger Guidebook at the visitor center. You can take a short hike at the Monument overlooks, view the park film, dig in the porch simulated dig box, use the microscopes to solve a mystery in the auditorium, handle reproduction skulls and skeletons, study the fossil displays in the visitor center, and ask lots of questions. All Junior Ranger work helps you to learn about Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument and how to take care of your National Parks.

This Place Based Program can only be done during a visit to the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument. Badge awards are NOT mailed due to postage costs and post office concerns about damage to equipment and badges..
Junior Ranger patch circle with stylized horse in center drinking from a small pool of water while a spotted leopard cat is approaching from the back
New Junior Ranger patch for mailed program completion. Offered instead of the badge due to US Post Office concerns. Not awarded if a badge is claimed on-site.

Self Guided Junior Ranger Book

You can request a Hagerman Fossil Beds Junior Ranger book at the park visitor center, or by using the Contact Us link and providing your mailing address. We do not mail badges, but have patches available as mailed awards. We will not award both patch and badge (the whole program is free of charge, please don't increase our costs so much we would need to reduce our opportunities).

National Junior Ranger Programs

Please visit the Kids in Parks pages for more information on Virtual Junior Ranger Programs, National Junior Ranger workbooks, and information about other Junior Ranger options. While the staff at Hagerman Fossil Beds is proud to be active in developing and presenting these extra efforts we do not administer them. We are not able to mail books and/or awards for these programs, please do not mail completed materials to Hagerman.
wooden general Paleontology  Junior Ranger badge
The National Paleontology Junior Ranger program is in addition to the Hagerman Junior Ranger. We DO NOT mail these badges, please read the instructions in the workbooks for how to claim your awards.

Junior Ranger Special Events

These programs are often done as special events at Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, usually in the summer. Awards for programs at the park will be presented after the special events. We do not mail badges or awards for these national programs.

Night Sky Explorer

Come join us at a star party with the Magic Valley Astronomical Society during their twice a year visits. We often have daytime solar flare viewing and other activities during the same day as our scheduled Star Party.

Junior Paleontologist

Summer weekend 'porch programs' may feature this program where we work together to earn this national badge. Repeat visitors to Hagerman may chose to earn this award instead of the Hagerman Fossil Beds badge, if the park has any of these books on hand. Books and/or awards are NOT mailed from Hagerman for this program.

Other Paleontology Parks

Don't forget other parks that have great paleontological features, such as:

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