Traveling Trunk

Hagerman's Fun Fossil Traveling Trunks

The traveling trunk includes may useful items for teaching about fossils.
This traveling trunk will help you teach about fossils.

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The Traveling Trunk is available for grade levels 4-6 or 7-12. It includes casts of horse skulls, geologic samples of the monument, books, DVDs, and a curriculum guides. It provides a variety of information about Idaho, the Oregon Trail, as well as paleontology and geology.

Borrowing Instructions

Trunks will only be sent to official educational institutions and may be kept for one month and then returned. It costs between $27 – $35.00 to mail the trunk plus the cost of insurance. The trunk must be insured for $300. The educational group pays for the return shipping and insurance. Official contact and mailing information is required before the trunk will be sent out. The trunk will not be sent to a private address.

Please contact the Education Specialist if you have questions or if you wish to borrow a trunk. Email


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Traveling Trunk

Last updated: July 14, 2016