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Historic Newspapers

Explore the history of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park by searching newspaper abstracts! Browse this document to read newspaper abstracts collected by park historians. Full versions of some newspapers are now available through the West Virginia Geoexplorer Project website. Newspapers in the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park microfilm collection were digitized thanks to a grant from the Harpers Ferry Historical Association.

Historic Newspaper Abstracts (pdf document)

How to use the newspaper abstract document: This information is in a text-searchable pdf file. The data was extracted from an old research database, and abstracts are arranged chronologically. The document contains some notes from park historians who collected the data. Alternate spellings of common terms are listed first. Each abstract begins with the source information in this format: |pub: Name of newspaper |date: Year.month day |locator: P= page in newspaper and C= column on page.

History Reports

Explore text-searchable historic studies to learn about Harpers Ferry history.

Lowertown, Harpers Ferry Cultural Landscape Report (pdf document)

This detailed study includes a landscape history of the historic commercial district of Harpers Ferry. Maps included in the report show how the Lowertown developed from 1750 to 1993.

National Park Service History e-Library

The National Park Service's History e-Library contains thousands of electronic publications covering the history of the National Park Service and the units comprising the National Park System. We invite you to learn more about history and how the National Park Service works to preserve it. Use this site to search for Harpers Ferry National Historical Park studies and images.

Historic Photographs

USE OUR SEARCHABLE ONLINE IMAGE DATABASE to locate and view historic photographs, technical drawings, rare postcards, and contemporary images from Harpers Ferry. You may search our database by interpretive theme, geographic location, collection topic, year, or keyword. By combining different search criteria, you can create powerful image searches. Use our online image database to locate rare images of John Brown's Fort, major floods, the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Storer College, and many other historic sites in and around Harpers Ferry.

Search our Online Image Collection

Copyright information: The data in our research files was collected by the National Park Service, and is intended to be used for research purposes only. Use of any part of these documents will be noncommercial and will be limited to noninfringing or fair use under copyright law.

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