Filming and Photography Permits

A filming and photography permit is required for all activities that involve the use of professional casts, settings, or crews by any person other than news television personnel. A permit is also required for the taking of photographs for the purpose of commercial advertising

There is a $90 nonrefundable application fee for filming and photography permits. Approved permittees must pay an additional fee that is based on the number of crew and cast members for approved permits. Applications must be received at least four business days before filming or photography begins.

Fees for Filming
$150 for 3-10 people
$250 for 11-30 people
$500 for 31-49 people
$750 for more than 50 people

Fees for Photography
$50 for 1-10 people
$150 for 11-30 people
$250 for more than 30

Permit Application (short form)

Permit Application (long form) - The long form is only necessary for an activity involving a complex sets, a large amount of equipment, a long timeline, or a large number of people.

Contact Franice Sewell at 703-289-2513 if you have any questions.

Last updated: March 6, 2019

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