Commercial Use Authorizations

A commercial use authorization is required for activities in the park for which you will charge a fee. Commercial use authorizations are not concessions issued under the Concessions Policy Act of 1965 (79 Stat. 969, 16 USC 20). This is an important distinction because it generally limits the services for which they can be used.

Only activities that are appropriate to the mission of the park, particularly with regard to resource protection, visitor protection, and interpretation, will be approved. The services provided under a commercial use authorization cannot conflict with preferential rights provided under any concession contracts.

Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve is closed to groups of three or more vessels from May 20 to August 25 for marsh wren and least bittern breeding season.

Authorized activities must begin and end outside the park. All commercial aspects of the activity (such as marketing, advertising, exchange of money, etc.) must take place outside of the park.

Permittees cannot construct any temporary or permanent structures in the park and will not be assigned any facilities in the park except those allowed to the general public.

The term of a commercial use authorization may not exceed two years, and no preferential right of renewal may be provided.

Permit Application

Contact Jason Freeze at 703-289-2522 if you have any questions.

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