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GUMO Mural - Carlsbad Mural Project - Cropped01 (Final) Artist-In-Residence David Lee Cook Photo
Mural painted by local artist Brother Boko

Photo by David Lee Cook

How to Apply - 2020 Applications Open

Download the 2020 Artist in Residence Contract

Applying artists must submit materials electronically to with AIR in the subject line. Materials should include:

  • A resume (not exceeding 2 pages) that highlights education, experience and training along with skills in presenting public education programs related to art; a summary of creative works and, if applicable, professional brochures or similar publications.
  • A brief biography and promotional photo for use on the park's website, and in promotional materials.
  • Visual artists must submit images in a digital format which has resolution adequate for viewing on screen; one to ten images may be submitted. Due to file size limitations of e-mail, multiple messages may be sent if necessary. Images are viewed on a computer monitor, so full-resolution images are not necessary and due to a 20Mb file size limit, not accepted.
  • Writers must submit representative prose, short stories, plays or poetry that reflects your ability; a maximum of 10 pages may be submitted.
  • Musicians and composers must submit lyrics and audio recordings of their work; one to three songs may be submitted.
  • A brief statement from applicant stating what she/he hopes to achieve from a residency in Guadalupe Mountains National Park and how their work will benefit the park’s mission.
  • Your preference for a period of residence and accommodations (apartment in park housing or RV site if available) and which residencies you are applying for (spring, summer, and/or fall).
  • Scanned 2020 Artist in Residence contract (download from above link) - must be signed.
  • Artists will present two programs to the public. Please include a title, brief description of the program, and the maximum number of participants. Two different programs may be presented, or the same program may be presented twice.

PLEASE NOTE - Submissions sent to the park will not be returned to the artist.

For further information, or to submit an application, contact the park by mail, e-mail, or phone at:

Artist-In-Residence Program Coordinator
Guadalupe Mountains National Park
400 Pine Canyon Drive
Salt Flat, Texas 79847
915 828-3251 ext. 2314

Selection Process

Selection is based on artistic merit as demonstrated by the examples submitted, the ideas expressed in the statement of purpose, and the willingness to accept the conditions of the national park residency opportunity. A panel of National Park Service and Guadalupe Mountain Association representatives chooses the artists and alternates.

The selection committee will evaluate the artist's proposal and submitted work using the following criteria:

Artistic Merit
Artistic quality and merit of the work submitted.

Statement of Intent
The quality of the artist’s Statement of Intent including the importance of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park experience to the artist’s work.

Opportunities for Public Enjoyment
The artist’s proposed plans to “give back” to the park and community. Artists proposals should be site specific to Guadalupe Mountains National Park, support the park’s interpretive themes, and focus on issues such as ecology, the environment, conservation, historic and/or cultural topics, and other themes relevant to the park. Artists should describe the type of public programs they can offer and how they address one or more of the following themes:

  • National Park Service Mission

The National Park Service preserves unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the national park system for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. The Park Service cooperates with partners to extend the benefits of natural and cultural resource conservation and outdoor recreation throughout this country and the world.

  • Primary Interpretive Themes of Guadalupe Mountains National Park

A — Guadalupe Mountains National Park sets aside the world’s most extensive and well-exposed Permian fossil reef and serves as an international benchmark that enriches our understanding of global geology and prompts us to explore the values of research, knowledge, and learning.

B — The rugged wilderness of Guadalupe Mountains National Park — Including the highest peak in Texas and especially being situated in a vast region with little public land for recreational pursuits — provides outstanding opportunities for solitude, challenge, self-reliance, and reflection.

C — The incredible diversity of Guadalupe Mountains National Park — characterized as a “sky island” that includes geographic and environmental variation, a complex array of flora and fauna, and a setting for natural and cultural crossroads — offers opportunities to consider how diversity, in all its many forms, affects quality of life.

D— The rich and diverse array of cultural resources at Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and the natural setting that remains relatively unchanged from that experienced by early peoples, provide opportunities to explore and ponder survival, conflict, cooperation, heritage, and interconnections with the land.

E — Stark contrasts between mountains and canyons and desert, vast and majestic vistas, brilliant fall colors set against muted desert hues, sparkling white dunes, and the grandeur of pristine night skies all combine to offer opportunities for personal renewal and inspiration.

Deadline for 2020 Applications

For consideration, applications for each seasonal residency must be received by the park at or before the following deadlines:

Mid April - Mid May 2020 Spring Residency Deadline - January 2nd , 2020
July 2020 Summer Residency Deadline - February 2nd, 2020
Mid-October - Mid-November 2020 Fall Residency Deadline - April 2nd, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a car?
Yes. There is no public transportation to the park or towns during the residency period.

What are the housing arrangements?
Artists are housed in a furnished apartment with a full kitchen, or offered an RV site with full hookups. There is a laundry facility in the apartment complex. Occupants are responsible for cleaning the apartment prior to their departure. Pets and smoking are not allowed. Wheelchair-accessible housing is available.

Can I bring my family or pet?
Family members may join the artist for the residency as long as the number of occupants does not exceed the occupancy limits of the apartment. Pets are not permitted in apartments; however, artists with RVs may bring their pets.

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