Bird Nesting

Snowy-Plover- guarding 3 eggs
Snowy plover protecting 3 eggs

Each spring many shorebirds like least terns fly thousands of miles from South America to nest and raise their young on the Gulf Islands beaches. Some species are threatened or endangered such as snowy plovers. These adults and chicks frequent the road and shoulders to feed on insects. Please observe the 25 mph speed limit signs, and bird closures during nesting season. Help us to protect these fantastic fliers.

A black and white drawing of a shorebird chick surrounded by the words save a chick, drive 20 mph around it.
Chick magnets remind visitors to drive slow during nesting season.

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Show your support for the park's shorebirds with a Save a Chick magnet. Visitors may pick up a chick magnet and information about the park's shorebirds, starting April 1, 2016, at the Fort Pickens and Perdido Key Entrance Stations, the Fort Pickens Visitor Center, and at Park Headquarters at Naval Live Oaks. While supplies last.

Last updated: April 1, 2016

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