Jenny Lake District FAQs

A Park Ranger answers visitor questions
A Park Ranger answers questions at the Teewinot Overlook.

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Frequently asked questions and answers!

  • Where is everything? Please refer to the South Jenny Lake area map to locate the visitor center, lake, boat dock, restrooms, store, ranger station and campground; and the park map for general information.
  • Where are Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point? You may hike around either end of the lake or take a shuttle boat to access the falls and vistas. Hidden Falls is 5 miles roundtrip and Inspiration Point is 6 miles roundtrip from the visitor center, or 1 mile and 2 miles respectively from the west boat dock for those using the Jenny Lake Boating shuttle boats (fee charged). Please refer to the Hiking Guide for more information.
  • Can I pick up backcountry and boat permits at Jenny Lake? Backcountry permits are available at the Jenny Lake Ranger Station. Boat permits are available at the Jenny Lake Visitor Center (cash only).
  • What kind of boating opportunities are available? Jenny Lake Boating offers shuttle services across Jenny Lake, scenic cruises on Jenny Lake, and canoe and kayak rentals.
  • Are there bears at Jenny Lake? Yes, both black and grizzly bears, but don't be tricked! Black bears may be blonde, cinnamon, brown or black in color, and grizzly bears may be brown to black in color. Ask a ranger for more details. Please follow the park's Bear Safety recommendations.
  • How did Jenny Lake form? During the ice age, glaciers flowed down canyons and carved out depressions on the valley floor, depositing terminal moraines along the valley floor. Today water fills these depressions forming lakes. Jenny Lake is 256 feet deep at it deepest point!
  • Where did it come from? Visit our Area History page to learn more.
    • The Jenny Lake Visitor Center: Harrison Crandall homesteaded in 1924 near the Cathedral Group Turnout. He became the park's unofficial photographer using this cabin as his studio for many years. This is the cabin's third location.
    • The Jenny Lake Ranger Station: Lee Manges built his homestead cabin in 1925 near Windy Point. Rangers relocated the cabin turning it into the park's first ranger station and museum in 1930.
    • Jenny Lake name: The name Jenny Lake dates back to the Hayden Expedition of 1872 when Jenny Leigh, Shoshone Indian wife of Richard "Beaver Dick" Leigh, assisted the expedition.

Last updated: August 27, 2019

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