Moose-Wilson Corridor Comprehensive Management Plan

Moose-Wilson Road in Fall

A Plan for the Future

In December 2016, a final decision was reached for the Moose-Wilson Corridor Comprehensive Management Plan. The decision was the culmination of a comprehensive three-year planning effort that began with identification of the corridor’s fundamental resources and values, continued with development of a range of alternatives for future management, and included a comprehensive assessment of the environmental impacts associated with those alternatives.

The plan was informed throughout by public input and feedback. The National Park Service is very appreciative of all the input received from interested individuals and organizations. The engagement and interest received is a testament to the care and concern people have for this special area within the park. The final decision was documented in a Record of Decision signed by Intermountain Regional Director Sue Masica.

A Moose in the Moose-Wilson Corridor


We are now working to implement the Moose-Wilson Corridor Plan. Travelers through the corridor may notice construction-related activities, and paving of the unpaved portion of road is scheduled for 2020. All of this work will improve the visitor experience and safety, as well as protection of this special place.

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3 minutes, 35 seconds

Management Assistant Gary Pollock and Chief of Interpretation Vickie Mates introduce the Moose-Wilson corridor and some of the management challenges it presents.

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2 minutes

Watch the scenery and the wildlife of the Moose-Wilson corridor in action.

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Senior Wildlife Biologist Steve Cain (now retired) illustrates some of the management challenges that come with wildlife and visitors in the Moose-Wilson corridor.

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Park Ranger Clay Hanna describes the philosophy of Laurance S. Rockefeller and how it is embodied in the experience of visitors to the Moose-Wilson corridor and the LSR Preserve.

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3 minutes, 5 seconds

Every day, hundreds of visitors take a scenic drive down the Moose-Wilson Road. Many are looking to enjoy mountain scenery and look for wildlife. As they begin that journey down the road, there's a shift from the fast-paced hustle and bustle to a slower pace.


Last updated: August 28, 2019

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