Fire Management

Prescribed burn

Fire has been a part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for thousands of years. Its presence is important for wildlife habitat, nutrient recycling, plant diversity, and overall landscape health. Fire managers at Grand Teton National Park seek to strike a balance between restoring and maintaining natural processes associated with fire, and protecting human life and property.

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Restoring Fire Regimes
Information on the role of fire in the ecosystem

The Berry Fire
Learn about the largest fire in park history

Fire Jobs
Available positions & application processes

Prescribed Fire
Prescribed fire as a management tool

Interagency Fire Management
Interagency partnership profile

Fire Plans & Policies
Policies guiding NPS fire management activities

Fire Education and Information
Web links to fire education topics
Interagency fire news
Fire Prevention
Tips to reduce human-caused fires in the park
National Interagency Fire Center
Current and archived wildland fire information
NPS Fire & Aviation Management
National Park Service fire information

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