Animal Tracks

There are a lot of cool animals walking, flying, and running around Grand Teton National Park. Can you figure out what each of the animal tracks below are? Click on the links below each photograph to see if you are correct.

An animal track in the mud.
What animal made this track? As you can see, I have very long claws. This animal is an omnivore who likes to eat both plants and animals. You might find this animal roaming around in the forest or high up in the mountains searching for berries.

O Wolf
O Mountain Lion
O Grizzly Bear
O Black Bear

An animal track in the mud.
What animal made this track? This animal is often seen in the sagebrush flats looking for food and you might even see it leap in the air and pounce on its prey. This animal has a disctinctive yip and howl and is often mistaken for another cool animal found in the park.

O Wolf
O Bobcat
O Lynx
O Coyote

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