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Mountain Farm Life  - 4th grade (Tennessee)

student works in a blacksmith shop
A ranger assists a 4th grade student in making a dinner bell as part of their Mountain Farm Life field trip in the Smokies.

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Grade Level:
Fourth Grade
culture, early mountain life, appalachian settlers, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, fourth grade, community, blacksmith shop


Students study rural life in the late 1800's by working in a blacksmith shop, learning about mountain traditions and studying artifacts. Through this exposure, students learn about the challenges and rewards of preserving and protecting our heritage and public spaces.


1) Describe ways people used, modified and adapted to the physical environment.
2) Name the local American Indian tribe.
3) List three similarities and difference among people in Tennessee, past and present.
4) Describe traditional craft form sin Tennessee.
5) Describe the cultural characteristics of the region
6) Describe changes in ways of living over time.
7) Identify the advantages and disadvantages of technology in their lives.

Last updated: April 14, 2015