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Have to Have a Habitat

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Grade Level:
First Grade
in the park
habitats, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, adaptations, insects


Great Smoky Mountains National Park provides habitat for many of North Carolina's native plants and animals and provides a place for people to have fun. Students use sifter boxes, aspirators, and magnifying tools to discover and classify soil organisms. By role playing bears and hiking in the woods, students also learn about the needs of animals and how National Parks provide a place for people to have fun and adventure.


1) students will be able to distinguish between different types of invertebrates
2) learn how insects make sounds with parts of their bodies other than their mouths, such as legs and wings
3) learn how the sounds insects make allow them to communicate with one another
4) learn how insects use their adaptations and communication techniques to attract mates

Last updated: April 14, 2015