Horses on the Ranch

A Belgian draft horse stands in an open pasture.
One of the Belgian draft horses on the ranch.

NPS Photo/Alexa Fitzsimons

Built for doing hard tasks, the draft horses at the Grant-Kohrs Ranch did exactly that. In the late 1800s, Conrad Kohrs, and then later his grandson Con Warren, used draft horses to plow fields, drive cattle to and from pasture, and to pull the wagons. Today, Grant-Kohrs Ranch is home to six draft horses, four of which are still used to feed cattle and perform haying operations. At Grant-Kohrs Ranch you can see the draft horses in action when you take the guided wagon tour ride around the ranch or if you attend one of the three Haying with Horses events.

Grant-Kohrs Ranch is also home to three Quarter horses. These horses are mainly used for driving the cattle, as well as working the calves at the annual Grant-Kohrs Branding in July. All of the horses housed at Grant-Kohrs Ranch love attention, so be sure to stop by and see these friendly giants.

Last updated: March 7, 2016

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