Lesson Plan

What Brand Are You?

Grant-Kohrs Ranch calf showing off its Lazy G, Hanging K brand.

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Grade Level:
Third Grade-Fifth Grade
Agriculture, Art, Commerce and Industry, History, Law
Two 45 minute class periods
Group Size:
Up to 24
National/State Standards:
Montana Standards: Arts 1,4,&5
Communication Arts 1&4


In this lesson, students will be exposed to various livestock brands.  They will learn how to read brands, what the significance is and create their own brands.


  1. Students will acquire basic knowledge of the significance of branding
  2. Students will recognize basic brand styles.
  3. Students will learn and summarize the steps in the branding process.
  4. Students will create their own brand.


People have been branding as a way to identify livestock for centuries. The hot iron branding method, which is used by Grant-Kohrs Ranch, is still the preferred method by many ranchers. Visit http://www.cowboyshowcase.com/brands.htm or http://agr.mt.gov/agr/Programs/AgClassroom for background information on brands.




Life on a Cattle Farm by Judy Wolfman - This book gives a basic background of life on a cattle ranch. It will be read to the students as an introduction to the lesson on day one.

Examples of varied brands from

Projector and computer linked to the Internet, SMART BOARD.

Teacher-created handout of branding procedures and examples of brands.

Drawing paper and colored pencils for sketching their brand.



Student generated notes from the story, development of their brand, and their oral presentation.


Park Connections

Grant-Kohrs Ranch brands their livestock, just like Johnny Grant and Conrad Kohrs. Brands are recorded by state livestock agencies and show legal ownership.


Compare Grant-Kohrs branding procedures to other local ranches or ranches in your area.

Additional Resources

Grant-Kohrs Web Site

Ranchers in the area.

State Livestock Agencies


Brand – Permenant mark used on livestock to show ownership
Brand Language – The language used to identify the symbols used for various brands. The ability to read the symbols is “callin’ the brand.”
Hot Iron Branding – A branding iron is heated by wood fire, propane, or electric branding irons.
Freeze Branding – Uses extreme cold to brand.