American Indian PAC

Welcome to the American Indian PAC program. This is a program designed to introduce students to the first people who lived in this area. All PAC programs include pre and post visit activites that are conducted in the classroom. Students will also come to Great Falls Park to learn in a park environment with a park ranger. The park visit takes approximately three and a half hours, including a lunch break for the students.

The pre and post visit activites can be downloaded by selecting the links below. The program requires one pre-visit and one post-visit activity in addition to the park visit. An introduction to this PAC program is included. If you are interested in scheduling a PAC program, visit the main PAC page or contact the park directly at 703-285-2965.

The materials here open in Microsoft Word.


Background Information and the Park Visit

American Indian PAC Introduction

Background Information on the American Indians of the area

Curriculum Standards and Parks as Classrooms- Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia standards that are met by this program.

Park Visit Walkthrough- details on activities the students will do with the park rangers during their park visit.

Pre Visit Activities

Primary Sources

Survival in the Environment

Post Visit Activites

Reflection and Connection

American Indian Legends

Meet Naiche

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