Refreshing Roads in Greenbelt Park


Park Central Road, the Sweetgum Picnic area, and the Dogwood trail parking area will reopen sometime in September due to park construction delays. The campground plans to reopen in late September.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Excavator being used for construction work near new bridge foundation.
Construction near Still Creek in Spring 2020.

NPS / Jonathan Shafer

Record of Determination for a Temporary Closure of Greenbelt Park Campground and Laurel Picnic Area for Roadway Reconstruction in Greenbelt Park

The National Park Service is completely replacing roads, parking areas and a bridge in Greenbelt Park. Some roads and the park campground will reopen in late to mid September, and the work is scheduled to be complete in late-September 2021. While the work is happening, visitors can hike on park trails, but picnic areas, comfort stations and our campground are closed. Drivers can park across Greenbelt Road (MD 193) on Walker or Capitol Drives and walk across the street to hike on trails.

While access is limited, the NPS is completing construction at:

  • Park Central Road
  • Laurel Picnic Area
  • Holly Picnic Area
  • Goodluck Road Parking Area
  • Dogwood Parking Area
  • Sweetgum Picnic Area

New bridge foundations stand next to flowing water in Still Creek.
Still Creek flows next to new bridge foundations in Greenbelt Park.

NPS / Kevin Barry

The NPS is also removing hazardous trees and coordinating with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) to do sewer work. Completing this work now means we will be able to keep roads, picnic areas, and our campground open in the future.

An important element of our work to complete construction and accommodate the WSSC was to plan for the replacement of Still Creek Bridge. The new bridge and new culverts throughout the park will help improve the flow of water along Still Creek. We hope these changes will improve water quality and enable fish or other aquatic life to repopulate the northern and western portions of Still Creek.


Questions and answers

We temporarily closed the park's roads to ensure visitors' safety while we complete construction. The temporary closures allow space for the construction contractor to stage and move heavy equipment, store construction materials, and do excavation work.
According to the current construction schedule, we anticipate reopening the campground in Late Summer and finishing construction in 2021. Please check this website for updates.
We anticipate accepting reservations on when we know of the opening day of the campground. You can check this website to see updates.
The park is not closed due to COVID-19. While we closed park trails for several weeks in the Spring of 2020 in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the park roads are closed due to construction, and trails are open to hikers.
The 5.1 mile Perimeter Trail and 1.2 mile Azalea Trail are both open. You can reach them by parking on Walker Drive or Capitol Drive and walking into the park. Walker Drive and Capitol Drive are across Greenbelt Road (MD 193) opposite the park entrance.
You can park outside of the park on Walker Drive or Capitol Drive. These roads are opposite the park entrance across Greenbelt Road (MD 193).
There is construction work happening throughout Greenbelt Park. Besides repaving the entire Park Central Road, we are also repaving parking lots at the Sweetgum, Holly, and Laurel picnic areas as well as at the Dogwood and Goodluck Road parking areas. In the campground, we are replacing campfire rings and upgrading picnic tables. We are also working with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission to relocate or improve sewer lines in several places througought the park and are removing trees that would be hazardous to visitors.
We are following guidance from the Maryland Department of Environment to limit the run-off from construction, and we are installing new culverts and a new bridge that may help fish and other aquatic life repopulate the northern and western parts of Still Creek.

Last updated: August 24, 2021

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