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Ranger Minutes are short audiocasts or videocasts in which a park ranger shares interesting stories and information about Grand Canyon National Park.

How Old Is The Grand Canyon ? - Duration 01m 58s
Written and Produced by David Smith
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Basic Answers to Geological Questions Downloadable

Often described as Earth's greatest geological showcase, the ensemble of stunning dimensions — the melding of depth, width, and length — sets Grand Canyon apart. Nowhere else features such a dazzling variety of colorful rock layers, impressive buttes, and shadowed side canyons. Grand Canyon is the Illustration: canyon against which all other canyons are compared.

Download Basic Answers to Geological Questions (292kb PDF File)
This is page 6 from the Grand Canyon Guide newspaper.

Some of the photos in Ranger David's presentation are from the United States Geological Survey's Grand Canyon Website. Click here to see more USGS photography of Grand Canyon National Park. This includes views along and within the canyon and a collection of historic images along the Colorado River taken by the Powell Expedition of 1872. Website images include both standard photograph and 3D views (as anaglyphs - requiring red-and-cyan 3D viewing glasses).

The Grand Age of Rocks: The Numeric Ages for Rocks Exposed within Grand Canyon

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