Insider's Look Podcast 14: Oct. 30, 2009

John Hance Tells How He Arrived at Grand Canyon (by Ranger Ron Brown)
Insider's Look at Grand Canyon #14
John Hance Tells How He Arrived at Grand Canyon (by Park Ranger Ron Brown)
Running Time 04m:03s - Oct. 30, 2009 - Produced by Park Ranger Patrick Gamman
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Capt. John Hance sitting on the steps with his rifle and 2 dead squirrels.
Capt. John Hance

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Some Rangers at Grand Canyon present living history programs. They study, research, find pictures and costumes of historical characters - then bring them alive through dramatic impersonation. Their performances can take us back in time and suggest what it was like to be here years ago.

In this podcast, we have the opportunity to meet Capt. John Hance, portrayed by Park Ranger, Ron Brown. Hance was an early Grand Canyon pioneer and storyteller who first saw the Grand Canyon in 1883, then called the area home for the rest of his life.

Hance entertained early visitors with dozens of tall tales - many with alternate endings. It was said that he never told the same to story in the same way twice.

"Being thoroughly conversant with all the trails leading to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, I am prepared to lead parties thereto at any time. I have a fine spring of water near my home on the rim of the Canyon, and can furnish accomodations for the tourists and their animals." (1886 advertisement by John Hance)


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