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The 2023 application period has closed. The 2024 application period will open November 2023.

Mission Statement

Grand Canyon Helitack provides a safe, educational atmosphere and practical training opportunities that build a skillset as a Helicopter Crewmember or Helicopter Manager. We aim to outfit individuals from all agencies with experience and knowledge that will inform their decision-making and performance in the field as aviation professionals, and will contribute to a safer, more competent aviation community.


Consistently flying up to 800 hours annually in order to support utility, medevac, and fire management missions, Grand Canyon National Park is one of the busiest non-military federal aviation programs in the United States. In order to meet the operational needs of the program, and in an effort to improve the knowledge and experience base in the aviation community at large, Grand Canyon National Park launched its first season of the Helicopter Training Academy in the Spring of 2000.

With an average of twenty students per season, and additional detailers trained during off-park fire assignments, Grand Canyon National Park has contributed to the training of over 450 students in its 20+ years since the HTA program began. Managed by numerous members of the crew throughout the years, supporting a broad diversity of projects in the canyon and surrounding areas (Zion National Park, Glen Canyon National Park, and the Kaibab National Forest, to name a few), and coupled with feedback from each successive student - the program’s training materials, exercises and field work continue to be infused with new ideas each year. The current program consists of two-week sessions focusing on workbook exercises, didactic trainings, and practical field opportunities supporting long-line utility work, inner-canyon medevacs, or more unique mission profiles like the relocation of threatened or endangered species to new habitat.

Even in the face of a slower-than-normal fire season, the workload at the park never stops. With over 650 flight hours logged just through September and two helicopters to staff, The 2022 Helicopter Training Academy was able to provide 15 students with the opportunity to advance their qualifications and position task books. Looking forward to 2023, our aim is to continue to offer this unique and exciting opportunity, and to further develop a community of highly reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable aviation professionals.

The 2023 application period has closed. The 2024 application period will open November 2023. Our crew looks forward to training with you, as we hope to learn from our students as much as we impart to them. Good luck to the future applicants!


For the variety of agencies and places trainees come from, see:
List of Alumni by Year (213kb PDF File)

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