Join a Park Ranger and Camp in the Wild!

The Canyon Field Schools enable college, high school and middle school age youth from all over the country to explore Grand Canyon through extended hiking, backpacking, and camping adventures each year.

Canyon Field Schools 2016 season has now ended. Check back in the beginning of 2017 for updates on programs and information on how to register for 2017!

For more information please email us.

Grand Canyon Expeditions participants backpacking down the Bright Angel Trail.
Middle school aged participants backpacking down the Bright Angel Trail to Indian Garden.

NPS Photo by Janelle Guan

Middle School (Ages 12-14)

Grand Canyon Expeditions - Indian Garden: This is an introductory backpacking trip for youth 12-14. This summer program is a 7-day experience where participants prepare for their trip on the South Rim, hike 4.6 miles down into the canyon on the Bright Angel Trail and spend 3 days and 2 nights at Indian Garden. Youth explore the geology, ecology and human history of Grand Canyon through inquiry and place-based activities. This experience focuses on basic camping skills and Leave No Trace concepts. All meals and backpacking gear are provided.

Grand Canyon Expeditions Info Sheet (PDF 333kb)

Grand Canyon Expeditions Packing List (PDF 389kb)

Youth participant backpacking down into Grand Canyon.
Youth participants hiking into the depths of Grand Canyon

NPS Photo by Mitch Sawicki

High School (Ages 15-18)

Grand Canyon Expeditions - Phantom Ranch: Explore the diversity of the canyon by hiking the sheer expanse from rim to river. Immerse yourself in the hidden worlds offered inside of this natural wonder of the world. Spend 10 days with rangers along the South Rim and in the Inner Canyon. This trip spends 4 nights and five days down below hiking along the 9 mile Bright Angel Trail. With two nights at Indian Garden and two nights at the bottom at Phantom Ranch in Bright Angel Campground. This trip is great for youth of all backpacking skill levels although. Challenge yourself and discover what it means for life to survive below the rim in a world of extremes.

Julio w camera 250
Youth participant viewing the canyon through the lens of a camera.

Photo courtesy of Udall Foundation

Group Programs (Ages 12-18)

We offer several multi-day programs for middle and high school groups. Options for group programs are listed below. Contact us to coordinate a multi-day program for your school or youth organization.

Grand Canyon in Focus:Park rangers and Udall Foundation's Parks in Focus scholars guide Boys & Girls Club members on the hiking and photography adventure of a lifetime. Club members, grades 6 through 8, learn the fundamentals of nature photography while exploring one of the most unique landforms on Earth. Check out the youths' photography.

Science Academy: Science Academy is a weekend program that invites high school classes to explore scientific concepts through hands-on and inquiry-based learning. Students will complete activities covering science, math, reading and writing topics that align with grade level state standards to earn extra credit in their current classes. All meals and camping equipment are provided.

Email us if your group is interested in attending.

Parks in Focus logo
Parks in Focus Logo

Grand Canyon National Park proudly partners with the Udall Foundation's Parks in Focus to provide engaging experiences for youth. Generous support from the Grand Canyon Association and the National Park Foundation make these programs possible.



Grand Canyon Semester: Grand Canyon National Park is proud to partner with Prescott College to offer Grand Canyon Semester during the fall of 2015. This semester-long, interdisciplinary program embraces a progressive approach to experiential, place-based learning that uses the Greater Grand Canyon Ecoregion as our training grounds and laboratory.

Check out the Grand Canyon semester blog to see how the semester is going.


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