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Grand Canyon in Focus

Three students standing side-by-side. The middle student is taking a photo with a small digital camera,
Grand Canyon In Focus students exploring nature through photography.

Mike Buchheit, Grand Canyon Field Institute

During the Grand Canyon in Focus summer program, park rangers and Udall Foundation's Parks in Focus scholars guide Boys & Girls Club members on the hiking and photography adventure of a lifetime. Club members in grades 6 through 8 learn the fundamentals of nature photography while exploring one of the most unique landforms on Earth.

This program is offered by Grand Canyon National Park and the Morris K. Udall Foundation (Udall Foundation).


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Club or interest group (teen)
This program typically lasts 5 days and occurs during the summer.
Art, Community, Conservation, Ecology, Environment, Geology, Landscapes, Media Studies, Recreation / Leisure / Tourism, Wilderness
Grand Canyon, camp, art, Photography, middle school, junior high, hiking, community, Conservation, outdoor recreation
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