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DVD Loan Program

5 DVDs in colorful boxes spread out on a table with a pile of round DVDs to their right.
A variety of Grand Canyon DVDs are available for showing in your classroom.

NPS photo by Michael Quinn

Bring Grand Canyon's wildlife, geology, and other features into your classroom with the DVD Loan Program.

Grand Canyon Association, official partner of Grand Canyon National Park, provides educational DVD rentals to teachers and other educational groups at no charge (except a small shipping fee). Each rental comes with suggested curriculum materials. The DVDs are perfect for use before and after park field trips or for schools that are located far from the canyon.

Titles for grades K-12 include:
  • Arizona Highways Grand Canyon (60 min.)
  • Grand Canyon Collection: Canyon Song; River Song; and Hiking Grand Canyon (95 min., three videos on one DVD)
Titles for grades 3-12 include:

  • Echoes through Time (54 min.)
  • Canyon Song (33 min.)
  • Grand Canyon Suite (32 min.)
  • The Rock Cycle (22 min.)
  • River Song: A Natural History of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon (40 min.)
  • Lost in the Grand Canyon (60 min.)
  • Rainbow of Stone: A Journey through Deep Time in the Grand Canyon (40 min.)
  • Grand Canyon Symphony of Stone (60 min.)
  • Hiking Grand Canyon (22 min.)
  • Kolb Brothers Grand Canyon Pioneers (36 min.)

Borrowing Instructions

To reserve a Grand Canyon DVD for your classroom or educational group, visit

For information about reserving a Travelin' Trunk with additional teaching materials for your classroom, see Traveling Trunk Programs.


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Last updated: February 24, 2015