Current Conditions

Updated May 23, 2017

Conditions can change rapidly - especially in the fall, winter, and spring. Contact Great Basin National Park via email or by phone at (775) 234-7331 for the most up-to-date information.

Please use caution when using GPS navigation devices. Some devices may route you onto dirt roads in the park. If your destination is one of the visitor centers or the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, stay on paved roads.


Park Roads

Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive
Open to Mather Overlook (about 5 miles)
Baker Creek Road
Strawberry Creek Road
Closed (unimproved dirt road)
Snake Creek Road
Open (improved dirt road)
Lexington Arch Road
(NOTE: Those wishing to drive to the Lexington Arch Trailhead should be advised that t
he unimproved dirt road to is rough and rutted. High clearance, four-wheel-drive vehicles are required, as are advanced four-wheel driving skills. Route finding is also necessary in places due to flood damage.)

Please note that in spring and fall roads may be closed due to snow and rockfall.


Visitor Centers

Lehman Cave Visitor Center - Open daily 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day.

Great Basin Visitor Center - Open Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00am to 4:00pm


Lehman Cave Tours

You can visit to see what tours are available on the day you're planning to visit. Reservations are highly recommended!

Spring Tour Schedule: March 6, 2017 - May 25, 2017

Grand Palace Tour (90 minutes, ages 5 & up)
9:00am & 1:00pm

Lodge Room Tour (60 minutes, all ages)
11:00am & 3:00pm

- Tickets for tours can be purchased in advance at
Reservations cannot be made at either of our visitor centers.

- Tours do frequently sell out! Advanced tickets are highly recommended! Same-day tickets are available in person only.

- For detailed tour information please visit our Lehman Caves page.
-There are no tours available on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years Day.

Summer Tour Schedule: May 26, 2017 - September 4, 2017
Grand Palace Tour (90 minutes, ages 5 & up)
9:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, & 3:00pm

Lodge Room Tour (60 minutes, all ages)
8:30am, 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm, & 4:00pm

Fall Tour Schedule: September 5 to October 31, 2017
Grand Palace Tour (90 minutes, ages 5 & up)
9:00am & 1:00pm

Lodge Room Tour (60 minutes, all ages)
11:00am & 3:00pm

Winter Tour Schedule: November 1, 2016 through March 5, 2017
Grand Palace Tour (Open to all ages during winter schedule only)
1:00pm Monday - Friday
9:00am & 1:00pm Saturdays and Sundays



Lower Lehman Creek
Open (water is on - boiling recommended)
Upper Lehman Creek
Open (water is on - boiling recommended)
Baker Creek
Open (water is on - boiling recommended)
Wheeler Peak
Grey Cliffs Loop A
Open (water is on - boiling recommended)
Strawberry Creek Campground
Snake Creek Campground
Open (no water)
Grey Cliffs Group Campground
Open (water is on - boiling recommended)

RV Dump Station

Fee: $12.00 per night and $6.00 per night for Golden Age/Access/Senior pass holders. Strawberry and Snake Creek campgrounds are currently free. Visit our campgrounds page for more detailed information.


Weather and Road Conditions

Great Basin National Park Weather
Wheeler Peak Snow Conditions (10,147ft)
Nevada Road Conditions or call 511 or 1-877-NV-ROADS
Utah Road Conditions call 511 or 1-866-511-UTAH


Hiking Trails

Weather can change quickly at any elevation, so be prepared for harsh conditions. When hiking at high elevation be prepared for rain, hail, or snow storms at any time of the year. Temperatures and visibility can drop rapidly.

Most trails are at high elevation and have steep climbs. Be watchful for signs of altitude sickness such as headache and nausea. If you're feeling sick, descend right away.

Sun exposure is also more extreme at high elevation, so be sure to bring hats and sunscreen.

Please use the trail registers to document your hikes.

Click for detailed trail information.


Fire Conditions

No fires are allowed above 10,000 feet.

The fire is 100% contained. There may still be occasional smoke seen coming from the burn area until the fire is declared out.

The best thing you can do to prevent wildfires is to have safe campfires in the campgrounds. Make sure it's "dead out" before leaving the campsite or before going to sleep. For more tips, visit the USDA Forest Service's page on campfire safety.

There are no prescribed fires planned at this time.

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