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See the exciting things the Resource Management division of Great Basin National Park has been up to over the years by perusing back issues of The Midden. Each edition is chock-full of information on research from a wide variety of scientific disciplines, from archeology and geology to botany and ornithology.

Summer 2017 [12.4 MB]

Strawberry Fire Burned Area Rehabilitation and Restoration
Steps to BCT Recovery on Snake Creek
Stalagmites Show Drying of the Great Basin 8,200 Years Ago
Measuring Fuels in Bristlecone Pine Communities
Results of the 2016 Centennial Bird BioBlitz
Recent Publications
Rare Species Find Reaffirms Importance of Long-Term Research
2017 Lichen BioBlitz

Winter 2016 [14.6 MB]

Saving Bonneville Cutthroat Trout after the Strawberry Fire
New Wildlife Species Added to Cave List
Northern Goshawk Occupancy and Breeding Surveys
2016 Nevada Bat Blitz
Bat Research in Great Basin National Park: A Year in Review
Precipitation Record at Great Basin National Park
Recent Publications
Bristlecone Cave Climate Studies

Summer 2016 [1.5 MB]

Winchester Model 1973 Rifle Found and Preserved
Land Mollusks of Great Basin National Park
Great Basin Rattlesnake Study
Natural Resource Condition Assessments
2015 Stream Insects BioBlitz Results
Introducing Sister Park: Toubkal National Park in Morocco
Recent Publications
Quantifying Wildlife at Cave Entrances

Winter 2015 [699 KB]

Tagging Bats in Great Basin National Park
Figuring out How the Southern Snake Range Formed
Searching for Beetles in Great Basin National Park
Stories of Early Lehman Cave Visitors
Overview of Resource Management's SNPLMA Projects
Recent Publications about Great Basin National Park
National Environmental Policy Act

Summer 2015 [3.39 MB]

Alpine lichens and climate change on Wheeler Peak
Two SNPLMA projects finished
Park partners with NDOW to restore native fish
Wild turkeys present study in wildlife management
Recent publications
Park prepares for 2015 bat surveys
Sign in: The writing on the wall (Lehman Cave signatures)
Two winter lint camps freshen cave

Winter 2014 [7.11 MB]

The Legacy of John Tilford and the Bonita Mine
Researchers in Great Basin National Park
Cave Harvestmen of Great Basin National Park
Temperature/Humidity Micro Logger Sensor Network
Ancient Packrat Middens Provide Clues about Climate Change
Historical Lake Sediment Records of Climate and Pollution
Mercury Deposition in Great Basin National Park
High Elevation Five-Needle Pines Proactive Planning
Lepidoptera BioBlitz Nets Hundreds of Additional Species
Bats Return to Lehman Caves
Multiple-Tracer Approach to Understanding Regional Groundwater Flow in the Snake Valley Area
Recent Publications about Great Basin National Park
Climate Regulates Sagebrush Recovery

Summer 2014 [6.59 MB]

Resurvey of GLORIA Peaks in Great Basin National Park
Black Fire Rehabilitation and New Trailheads
Abundant Fish near Park Campgrounds
Park Geology Report Released
Ecosystem Restoration Effects on Small Mammals
Recent Publications about Great Basin National Park
Natural Resource Report on Aspen Stand Condition and Health
2014 Lint Camp Removes over Two Tons of Sand and Debris
Species of Management Concern Update
Stalagmites Reveal Past Climate History

Winter 2013 [3.78 MB]

Archeological Survey at the Johnson Lake Mine
Kious Basin Update
Christmas Bird Count Reveals Trends
Recent Publications
Management Guidelines for Reptiles and Amphibians
Account of the Black Fire, in and near Great Basin National Park

Summer 2013 [463 KB]

South Fork Baker Creek: A Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Success Story
Baker Creek – Prehistoric Use of an Upland Drainage and Perennial Stream in the South Snake Range
Pleistocene Cave Fauna Found at Great Basin National Park
Recent Publications
Preliminary Results of Stable Isotope Analyses of Water Samples
Cheatgrass Control and Eradication Techniques Studied
The Importance of Riparian Habitat to Small Mammal Diversity
Lint Camp Removes nearly a Ton of Debris

Winter 2012 [1.4 MB]

Amazingly Successful Summer Paleontology Inventory
Investigating Ideal Rattlesnake Relocation Distances
Lehman Cave Restoration
2012 Diptera BioBlitz
Forest Service Assists Park with Forest Health Issues
Re-Discovering Abandoned Mine Lands: The Johnson Lake Mine
Fire Needed to Maintain Healthy Ecosystems
Determining Carnivore Occurrence with Remote Cameras
Hymenoptera BioBlitz Update

Summer 2012 [532 KB]

New Park Records for Two Reptile Species
Five New Species of Flies Discovered
Newly Discovered Pure Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Population
The Nevada Climate-Ecohydrological Assessment Network
Documenting the History of Abandoned Mine Lands
Recent Publications about Great Basin National Park
Aspen Stand Condition Assessment
Baker Lake Fish Genetics
25th Anniversary of Park Dedication

Winter 2011 [483 KB]

Hymenoptera Bioblitz Nets New Species to Park and Science
How Old is Lehman Cave?
Lehman Caves Stalagmite Gives Ice Age Clues
A Point in Time--Learning about Projectile Points
New Plants Added to Park List
Using Fire Regime Condition Class to Prioritize Restoration
Kious Basin Ecological Restoration Project
New Fly Species Announced
Recent Publications about Great Basin National Park

Summer 2011 [640 KB]

Index Fossils Found
Cave Freshwater Shrimp Named
Remote Camera Surveys Target Mesocarnivores
Rocks of the Ages: Rock Art Culture Affiliation and Styles
Recent Publications about Great Basin National Park
New Vegetation Map Reveals Need for Restoration
A New Jumping Insect and Its Genes
Weed Management through Integrated Pest Management
Year-Round Hydrologic Monitoring of Lakes

Winter 2010 [600 KB]

Rattlesnake Telemetry Shows New Movement Trends
Sabegbrush Voles Found
Bioblitz Update
Strawberry Creek Restoration
Tilford Cabin and Bonita Camp
Tin Cans Speak
Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Update
Recent Research Projects
SNOTEL Site Installed

Summer 2010 [620 KB]

An 800-Year Fire History
2010 Lint Camp
Telling Time from the Trash
Growth of Cultural Resources
Buckeyes Back in Park
Recent Publications
Future for Native Trout
Aerial Detection Surveys
Second Annual Bioblitz

Winter 2009 [620 KB]

Park Hosts First Bioblitz
Rattlesnake Telemetry Study
Bristlecone Pine Growth
15 Tons of Debris Removed
12 Plant Species Added
Cultural Resource Update
Aerial Photos Show Changes
Invasive Weeds Treated
Recent Publications
The Newest Cave Species

Summer 2009 [340 KB]

Bighorn Sheep in the Snake Range: Status and Restoration
Recent Publications
Cultural Resource Accomplishments and Changes
Stella Lake: A Glimpse to the Past
New Genus of Millipede
Water Resources Monitoring
Park Staff Assist Mojave Preserve
Beetle Bioblitz

Winter 2008 [399 KB]

Alpine Plant Monitoring
New Park Projects
Groundwater Withdrawal Effects on Small Mammals
Climate Change History in GRBA
Extirpated Fish Recovery
Cave Biota Report Released

Summer 2008 [412 KB]

Cleaning Lehman Cave: 2008 Lint Camp
Cave Restoration in Talus Room
Bonneville Cutthroat Trout
Great Basin Cottonwoods
Important Bird Areas
Stable Isotopes as a Tool in Preserving Park Resources
Earthquakes in the Great Basin
Lehman Cave Map Turns 50

Winter 2007 [238 KB]

Value and Beauty in GRBA’s Night Sky
Lincoln Cirque Restoration
Detailed Park Geologic Map
2007 Water Quality Inventory
New Soil Survey for Park
Resource Management Briefs
Johnson Historic District
Alpine Cave Biota Survey

Summer 2007 [272 KB]

Restoration of Johnson Lake Mine Historic District
Improved Cave Lighting
New Millipede Named
Glacial Chronology
WNPA Grant Awarded
Stream Habitat Surveys
Ants Underfoot
Junipers of GRBA
Snow Survey Results

Winter 2006 [240 KB]

Cave Bioinventory: New Discoveries and Ongoing Research
What’s Eating Our Trees?
Pulse of the Trees
Published Research
Data Mining in the Park
Mapping Lehman Caves
Nutcrackers, Squirrels, and Pines
Climate Change Study
Small Mammals
Alpine Areas May Shrink
Fish Populations Increase

Summer 2006 [208 KB]

USGS Study Shows Park Waters Susceptible to Pumping
Elusive Kingsnakes Uncovered
Return of the Sage Grouse
Interpreting Aspen Carvings
Caves Reveal New Creatures
New Lights in Cave
Winter Tracking
Out of the Mud: Triops

Winter 2005 [280 KB]

Thirty New Archeological Sites Found
22 Avalanches Discovered
Battling Invasive Plants
Great Basin Dark Skies
Restoration of Four Fish Species
Creel Survey Results
Potential Natural Vegetation
Grey Cliffs Restoration
Museum Update
Finding Small Carnivores
Road to Trail Conversion
Life in Lehman Caves

Summer 2005 [182 KB]

Bonneville Cutthroat Trout in Fourth Stream
Sage Grouse Return
Snow Survey Results
Research in the Park
Bighorn Habitat Restoration
Carnivore Tracking
Wildlife Observations
Snake Food
Why Are the Trees Dying?

Winter 2004 [157 KB]

Archeological Surveys Reveal New Finds
High Beetle Diversity in Sagebrush Habitat
Discovering Great Basin Birds
Trout Populations on the Rise
425+ Springs Found in Park
2004 Wildlife Projects
New Cultural Resources Database
German National Parks-A Comparison
Cave Program

Summer 2004 [195 KB]

Two New Marmot Colonies Discovered
Update on Bighorn Sheep
Getting out of the Heat
Pygmy Rabbits Found
Spring Runoff below Average in 2004
Researchers Find New Species in Park Caves

Winter 2003 (html)

Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Reproducing Well in New Streams
Beavers Found in the Park
Tracking Elk Reveals Surprises
Fish Populations Increase in Baker and Lehman Creeks
A Closer Look at Marmots
New Caves Discovered
Rock Art in GRBA
Aquatic Inventory Results
Great Basin Weather Stations

Summer 2003 (html)

Carnivores Captured in Park
Returning the Landscape to a Natural Community
First Amphibian Found in Park
Electrofishing Survey Reveals Surprise Brown Trout
Searching for Springs
Watch Your Step! Cave Restoration
Archeology 101
Research in the Park
Other Resource Management Projects

Winter 2002 (html)

The Case of the Missing Frogs
Sage Grouse Conservation
Fish News: Bringing Back the Natives
More than Just a Hole in the Ground
Wildlife Surveys
Cultural Resources News
How Much Water is in Park Creeks?

Summer 2002 (html)

Baker Creek Prescribed Fire
Baker Creek Snow Courses
Researchers in the Park
Watching Wildlife
Fisheries Restoration
Is Anybody out There?

Winter 2001 [571 KB]

Delving into the Depths
Gone Fishing!
Disappearing Fences
Stabilizing a Burned Watershed
Documenting Life in the Desert
Christmas Bird Count
On the Lookout for Bighorn Sheep

Summer 2001 [461 KB]

Spring Restoration
Wildlife Projects
Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Reintroduction Project
Disturbed Lands Restoration
Great Basin’s (Un)Charismatic Microfauna
Fencing Removal Project
Notes from the Underground
Wild Cave Information

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