Rimstone Dams

rimstone dams in the cypress swamp
Rimstone Dams as seen along the 90 minute tour of Lehman Caves


Rimstone Dams
Rimstone dams are located in the Cypress Swamp and in the Lodge Room. When active, each dam would hold a small pool of water behind it. Water flowing over the top of the dam deposits more calcite, increasing the height of the dam. They can grow much larger in some caves, up to a height of over 40 feet! Some of the formations (especially flowstone) in Lehman Caves also have a much smaller variation of rimstone dams on their surface, called microgours. These can look like tiny terraces in the flowstone or just like bumps. They build up as a thin film of water on the formation flows over irregularities on the surface

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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