Springtime in Great Basin National Park

April 20, 2013 Posted by: Ranger Aileen

Oh, spring time at Great Basin National Park; that time when the snow melts, the temperatures rise, shorts come out….and then bam! A spring storm rolls in and dumps 16 inches of snow. Spring time in the Great Basin is anything but predictable, and snow storms as late as Memorial Day are common. But there is still plenty to do in the park!

The cave is open all year and is a great activity for families and groups of all ages. After your cave tour, use the snow to your advantage to look for animal tracks and trails. Although the winter and spring can be harsh here in the Great Basin, many animals forgo hibernation and maintain activity all through the colder months. Their movements are especially easy to see by the tracks they leave behind.

And of course, even though we get late snow storms here in the Great Basin, spring is still actively at work. The streams start to melt, plants start to grow, and life is created afresh with the next generation of wildlife. So come, and whether or not there is snow on the ground, there is always a lot to see!

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Last updated: April 20, 2013

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