2021 Boiler Wash Days

Maintaining 1860’s technology has not changed much and the same painstaking maintenance and the reliability of this technology are still issues today. The schedule below details when the Jupiter and No. 119 will not be accessible to the public.

Summer 2021 Locomotive Boiler Wash Schedule


Boiler Wash Date

Return to Service **


Tuesday, May 25 Wednesday
2:00 pm, May 26

No. 119

Tuesday, June 1 Wednesday
2:00 pm, June 2


Tuesday, June 22 Wednesday
2:00 pm, June 23

No. 119

Tuesday, June 29 Wednesday
2:00 pm, June 30


Tuesday, July 20 Wednesday
2:00 pm, July 21

No. 119

Tuesday, July 27 Wednesday
2:00 pm, July 28


Tuesday, August 17th Wednesday
2:00 pm, August 18th

No. 119

Tuesday, August 24th Wednesday
2:00 pm, August 25th


Tuesday, September 14 Wednesday
2:00 pm, September 15

No. 119

Tuesday, September 21 Wednesday
2:00 pm, September 22
** Return to Service times and dates subject to change based on mechanical issues.
Call Visitor Center to check, 435-471-2209 ext: 0

Person sitting inside the Jupiter smokebox, cleaning it with a brush. Boiler tubes can be seen behind him.
One of the jobs of a boiler wash is cleaning off the built up soot in the smokebox.

NPS Photo

Last updated: August 13, 2021

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