Stinson Beach Accessibility

Accessible Features

Accessible Parking in the North and Central Parking Lots

Accessible Restroom Facilities in the North and Central Parking Lots

Usable Picnic Areas in the North, Central, and South Parking Lots

Beach Access Mat provided seasonally from April 2nd to November 14th.

Beach wheelchairs are available on-site please click here for reservations

Upon Arrival:

Stinson Beach has three main parking areas designated as the North, Central, and South Lots. The central parking lot is open year round and contains six accessible parking spaces. The North lot is open during peak visitation and contains three designated accessible parking spaces. The South parking lot is used for overflow parking and is not located on a paved surface.

Inside the Park:

At the Central Parking lot there is a usable asphalt pathway that slightly exceeds 5% running slope that leads to an accessible restroom. You may also access the beach from this route. During the summer months a beach access mat is provided. This mat provides a stable surface from the concrete pad surrounding the restroom area to the high tide level.

Adjacent to the North parking lot there is an accessible restroom. Please note that the North parking lot and restroom are only open during peak visitation days.

There are usable picnic areas located throughout the North, Central and South parking lots. Many of the tables themselves are accessible; however, most of them are located on grass.

Beach wheelchairs are available on-site, please click here to make a reservation.

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For more information about Stinson Beach click here. The National Park Service is striving to make your experience as accessible as possible. Please feel free to submit comments and suggestions via email by clicking here or by calling the Pacific West Region Visitors Center at 415-561-4700. Individuals who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf/blind or have speech disabilities may utilize the following Federal Relay Service numbers:

(800) 877-8339 Federal Relay Service

(877) 877-6280 VCO

(877) 877-8982 Speech to Speech

(800) 845-6136 Spanish

(866) 893-8340 TeleBraille

Upcoming Projects:

Golden Gate National Recreation Area is planning a large accessibility improvement project for Stinson Beach. Improvements will be made to accessible routes, picnicking, restrooms, and beach access. Currently, schematic designs are being produced.

Last updated: November 14, 2016

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