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Trail Location Distance
Old Mori Rd / Lishumsha Mori Point 0.75 miles

The Basics (Old Mori Rd) Length: 0.5 miles Width: 10' Average Running Slope: 1.8% Maximum Running Slope: 6% Average Cross Slope: 2.9% Maximum Cross Slope: 4.5% Material: Compacted Natural Material, Wood Boardwalk

The Basics (Lishumsha Trail) Length: 0.25 miles Width: 3' Average Running Slope: 5.9% Maxiumum Runnning Slope: 9.5% Average Cross Slope: 3.6% Maximum Cross Slope: 6.2% Material: Compacted Natural Material

The main entrance to Mori Point is located at Bradford Way in Pacifica. At this entrance you will find two accessible parking spaces and an accessible restroom. There is an accessible entrance to the left of the trailhead gate. Old Mori Road is relatively flat which makes for a nice, leisurely stroll. You will encounter lots of native vegetation and wildlife. The surface material is a compacted natural material. After about a ¼ mile to your left will be the entrance to the Lishumsha trail. You may choose to take this route which will provide more of a strenuous hike or you may choose to continue on Old Mori which becomes an elevated boardwalk. Along the boardwalk are several accessible benches. The boardwalk is approximately 500 linear feet. Stop and enjoy the views and sounds of the surrounding natural habitats. Proceed another 500 feet past the boardwalk and you will be able to take in breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. This area is subject to a lot of sand movement thus, sand may be present on some parts of the trail. If you choose to take the Lishumsha trail it will wrap back around and meet back with the end of Old Mori Rd.

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Old Mori Rd Trail Profile

Last updated: April 17, 2018

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