Rehabilitate Failing Boat Ramp and Seawall

The boat ramp was open for public use through September 5, 2011.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the start date of this project was delayed. Work begun on September 6 and continued through the month of November. The Boat Ramp was closed for the duration of the construction period.

This project rehabilitated the degraded public boat ramp and adjacent failing concrete seawall to provide safe access to Fort Baker's Horseshoe Cove and adjoining San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean. The boat ramp and seawall have been poorly maintained for years prior to transfer to the National Park Service, GGNRA.

Work on the seawall repair included rehabilitating the existing concrete wall segments and adding a new concrete foundation. Rock riprap was placed in front of the sea wall to dissipate wave energy and extend the life of the seawall.

The existing degraded concrete slab of the boat ramp was removed and replaced with new interlocking concrete segments The work reconstructed the lower 50 feet of the ramp. A new protective apron of rock riprap was added around the perimeter of the lower portion of the ramp.

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