Current Dog Walking in GGNRA

Visitors and their pets at Fort Mason, GGNRA
Visitors sit and stand with their dogs at the statue of Congressman Phillip Burton in the Great Meadow at Fort Mason, GGNRA.



Areas Open For On Leash or Voice Control Dog Walking

Marin County

  • Alta Ave. between Marin City/Oakwood Valley
  • Muir Beach
  • Oakwood Valley Fire Road, and Oakwood Valley Trail from junction with Oakwood Valley Road to Alta Avenue
  • Homestead Valley
  • Rodeo Beach and South Rodeo Beach
  • Three Marin Headlands trail corridors:
Coastal Trail from Golden Gate Bridge to junction with Wolf Ridge Trail;
Loop Trail from Rodeo Beach parking lot up Coastal Trail paved road (Old Bunker Road) near Battery Townsley and return to Rodeo Beach on paved road;
Wolf Ridge Loop (Coastal Trail to Wolf Ridge Trail; Wolf Ridge Trail to Miwok Trail; Miwok Trail back down to Coastal Trail).

San Francisco

  • Baker Beach, north of Lobos Creek
  • Crissy Field (excluding the Wildlife Protection Area at the west end of Crissy field beach where leashes are required all year except from May 15 to July 1- Click here to read the NPS Final Rule)
  • Fort Funston (excluding the 12-acre closure in northwest Ft. Funston and the northern end of the Coastal trail, closed due to erosion.)
  • Fort Miley
  • Lands End
  • Ocean Beach (excluding the Plover Protection Area from Sloat Blvd. north to Stairwell 21 where where leashes are required all year except from May 15 to July 1- Click here to read the NPS Final Rule)
  • West Pacific Avenue, from the Broadway Street entrance to the 14th Avenue Gate (per NPS 1996 Compendium Amendment).

Parking Lots and Picnic Areas

Dogs must be on leash in parking lots and picnic areas.

Areas Open For On Leash Dog Walking Only

Marin County

  • County View Road and Marin Drive connector trails to North Miwok Trail
  • Fort Baker
  • Oakwood Valley Trail to the junction with Oakwood Valley Fire Road
  • Stinson Beach, parking lots/picnic areas only
  • 4 Marin Headlands Trail corridors:
  1. Coast Trail between Hill 88 (junction of Coastal Trail and Wolf Ridge Trail) and Muir Beach
  2. Miwok Trail between Tennessee Valley parking lot and Highway 1 (North Miwok Trail)
  3. Fire road around Battery Smith-Guthrie
  4. Trail to South Rodeo Beach

San Francisco

  • All trails not closed to dogs
  • Ft. Point lands, excluding inside the fort and the pier
  • Ft. Mason
  • Sutro Heights

San Mateo County

  • Milagra Ridge trails
  • Mori Point trails
  • Rancho Corral de Tierra
  • Sweeney Ridge trails, except for the Notch Trail which is closed to dog walking

Parking Lots and Picnic Areas

Dogs must be on leash in parking lots and picnic areas.

Areas Closed To Dogs

Click here to read the Superintendent's Compendium

Note: Service animals accompanying a person with a disability, as defined by Federal law and Department of Justice regulations (Title 28 Code of Federal Regulations § 36.104), are allowed wherever visitors or employees are allowed.


All park buildings and facilities, including outdoor restrooms and public showers.

Marin County


  • Chapel Trail
  • Fort Baker Pier


  • Alta Trail (only between Oakwood Valley trail intersection and Wolfback Ridge Road)
  • Bicentennial Campground
  • Bobcat Trail
  • Coyote Ridge Trail
  • Dias Ridge Trail
  • Fort Baker Pier
  • Fox Trail
  • Green Gulch Trail
  • Hawk Campground and Trail
  • Haypress Campground and Trail
  • Kirby Cove area
  • Lower Fisherman Trail and Beach
  • Marincello Road
  • Middle Green Gulch Trail
  • Miwok Cutoff Trail
  • Miwok Trail, between Wolf Ridge and Bobcat Trail
  • Morning Sun Trail
  • Old Springs Trail
  • Point Bonita Lighthouse Trail
  • Rodeo Avenue Trail
  • Rodeo Beach Lagoon
  • Rodeo Lake
  • Rodeo Valley Trail
  • SCA Trail
  • Slacker Hill Trail
  • Tennessee Valley beach
  • Tennessee Valley Trail from parking lot to beach
  • Upper Fisherman Trail and beach


  • Big Lagoon
  • Owl Trail
  • Redwood Creek


  • Muir Woods National Monument
  • Redwood Creek Trail


  • Coast Trail
  • Dipsea Trail
  • Matt Davis Trail
  • McKennan Trail
  • Willow Camp Fire Road
  • Stinson Beach (beach only)

San Francisco

  • Alcatraz Island


  • Crissy Field Tidal Marsh and Lagoon


  • Fort Funston Habitat Protection Area
  • Coastal Trail, intersection of Horse trail to Great Highway, closed due to erosion.


  • Fort Point (inside historic fort)
  • Fort Point pier (Torpedo Wharf)


  • Battery to Bluffs Trail
  • China Beach site
  • Lobos Creek
  • Marshall Beach

San Mateo

  • Phleger Estate
  • Notch Trail at Sweeney Ridge

Regulations That Apply to All Dog Walkers: On Leash or Under Voice Control

36 CFR § 2.15 - The sections of the NPS pet regulation that prohibit:

  • Failing to dispose of pet excrement
  • Leaving a pet unattended and tied to an object except in designated areas or under conditions which may be established by the Superintendent.
  • Allowing a pet to make noise that is unreasonable considering the location, time of day or night, impact on park users, and other relevant factors, or that frightens wildlife by barking, howling or making other noise.
  • Possessing a pet in a public building or at a designated swimming beach or in any area closed to pets by the Superintendent.

36 CFR § 2.1 - The regulation to preserve natural, cultural and archeological resources which prohibits possessing, destroying, injuring, defacing, removing, digging or disturbing wildlife, fish, plants or cultural or archeological resources.

36 CFR § 2.2 - The regulation to protect wildlife that prohibits the feeding, touching, teasing, frightening or intentional disturbing of wildlife nesting, breeding or other activities.

36 CFR § 2.34(a)(4) - The regulation regarding disorderly conduct which prohibits creating hazardous or physically offensive conditions.

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