Marin Headlands Fort Baker Tranportation Plan - Public Participation

Public Scoping

GGNRA held three public scoping meetings in San Francisco, Marin City, and Oakland. The San Francisco meeting occurred on March 26, 2002 during a meeting of the GGNRA Advisory Committee held at the GGNRA Park Headquarters. Approximately ten members of the public attended the meeting. The Marin City meeting occurred on April 10, 2002 at the Manzanita Community Center in Marin City. Approximately 20 members of the public attended. The Oakland meeting occurred on April 11, 2002 at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission Auditorium in Oakland. Three members of the public attended, along with several agency staff members.

In addition GGNRA held two Alternatives Refinement Workshops for the public. The primary goal of these meetings was to solicit public input on the four preliminary alternatives. The first meeting was held on November 19, 2002 at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley. Approximately 11 community members attended. The second meeting was held on November 26, 2002 at GGNRA Headquarters in San Francisco. Approximately 15 community members attended. GGNRA staff prepared announcements of the meetings and distributed them to approximately 2,000 individuals and organizations. Announcements were also prepared for distribution at the Marin Headlands Visitor Center and bulletin boards in Marin County.

Summaries of the comments received at each workshop and written comments from the public were documented in a memorandum titled Summary of November 2002 Alternatives Refinements Workshops (Nelson/Nygaard 2003). The comments from these workshops were used to further refine the alternatives and identify the main issues to be addressed in evaluating the final alternatives in the environmental impact statement. GGNRA also held a public forum to review the initial findings of the Marin Headlands/Fort Baker Historic Roads Characterization Study and Fort Baker Cultural Landscape Report. The meeting was held on March 14, 2002 in Fort Baker at Building 602. Two members of the public attended. Other public outreach included presenting the project alternatives at a public meeting at the Mill Valley Community Center (5/16/2006) and posting information regarding the project on the GGNRA website and NPS’s Planning, Environment and Public Comment (PEPC) web site (

Public Comment on the DEIS

Copies of the Draft EIS will be sent to affected Federal, Tribal, State and local government agencies, to interested parties, and those requesting copies. Paper and digital copies (CD) of the Draft EIS will be available at park headquarters and at local libraries. The complete document will be posted on this website when complete. Comments must be postmarked or submitted no later than sixty days from the date of EPA's notice of filing published in the Federal Register. As soon as it is confirmed, the close of the commenting period will be posted on the park's web site listed above, and listed in all notification announcements sent from the park. Written comments will be accepted online, or by sending a letter addressed as follows:

Superintendent, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Fort Mason, Building 201, San Francisco, CA 94123

(Attn: MH-FB Transportation Plan)

Within 30 days after the NOA has appeared in the Federal Register, a public meeting will be held to hear comments on the Draft EIS. More information on the meeting will be posted on this website.

All comments are maintained in the administrative record and will be available for public review at park headquarters. If individuals submitting comments request that their name and/or address be withheld from public disclosure, it will be honored to the extent allowable by law. Such requests must be stated prominently in the beginning of the comments. As always, the NPS will make available to public inspection all submissions from organizations or businesses and from persons identifying themselves as representatives or officials of organizations and businesses; and anonymous comments may not be considered.

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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