Fort Baker

In 1897 the United States Army established Fort Baker (Point Military Reservation) to house officers and their families to support the many seacoast defense batteries: Ridge Battery (1871), Battery Cavallo (1872), Battery Spencer (1897), Battery Duncan (1900), Battery Kirby (1900), Orlando-Wagner (1901), Battery Yates (1905), and various Mine Depots.

In the late 1800’s - a more peaceful time - the U.S. Army focused on improving the soldiers’ quality of life by improving architecture design and medical facilities. These facilities include: The Parade Ground, Post Hospital, Steward’s Quarters, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Quarters, Officers Quarters, Commanding Officers Quarters, Post Headquarters, Artillery Barracks, Post Exchange and Gymnasium (a bowling alley addition), Guardhouse, Storage and Mechanical building, and Regimental Chapel.

During the Military Occupancy many temporary buildings were constructed and many demolished. You can find general information by viewing the Fort Baker brochure or view the Fort Baker History Walk brochures "Innovations in Army Post Life" and "Horseshoe Cove: A Water Haven on San Francisco Bay".

Fort Baker currently host, The United States Coast Guard (USCG), Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM), and Cavallo Point - The Lodge at the Golden Gate.

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