Construction of a Restroom at Fort Funston

The National Park Service (NPS) is planning to construct a new restroom facility at Fort Funston. A 540 square foot building would be constructed to provide flush toilets near the northeast corner of the parking lot. The chemical toilets located at the northwest end of the main parking lot would be removed. The new restroom building will be ADA accessible and an accessible path will be created to connect to the parking lot and the Sunset Trail.

The new facility would be constructed using a prefabricated unit designed to be compatible with the landscape. The facility will have a low flush toilet and waterless urinal for men; two low-flush toilets for women; and a separate unisex accessible restroom. Bathrooms will have sinks, hand dryers, and baby changing stations.

GGNRA began planning for the new restroom in 2003 and public scoping was conducted that year. This project is being re-initiated and construction is proposed to begin in late 2009. An environmental assessment (EA) will be prepared for the project. The EA will analyze one no action alternatives and two action alternatives. The action alternatives analyze the impacts of connecting the restroom to the existing leachfield and to the San Francisco sanitary sewer.

The park aims to involve interested parties in decision making, and as such, invites additional public comment on the project. Public comments on the scope of the EA will be accepted from November 1 to Dec. 31, 2008.

Comments can be submitted online at, faxed to (415) 441-6538, or mailed to:

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Fort Mason, Building 201

San Francisco, CA 94123

Attn: Fort Funston Restrooms

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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