Eagles Point Overlook Replacement

Existing Eagle's Point Overlook
This project replaced the existing deteriorated viewing platform with a new view point. The new view point is more accessible, easier to maintain, and set back within the trail alignment. The view point design included benches for sitting and enjoying views of the Golden Gate. A small concrete curb protects the viewpoint's outer edge. Non-native, invasive trees have been removed from the viewshed. The trail to the new viewpoint has been resurfaced and regraded to meet the Draft Final Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas (AGODA) standards. Native vegetation was planted in areas disturbed by tree and overlook removal and adjacent to the new viewpoint.

Project Goals:
• Remove the existing dilapidated Eagles Point Overlook
• Replace the overlook with a viewpoint just west of the existing location
• Regrade and resurface the existing Coastal Trail alignment from the entrance at El Camino del Mar to the new viewpoint location to create an accessible trail route
•Remove non-native, invasive trees
•Remove non-designated trails which are unsafe and cause erosion
•Replant disturbed areas with native vegetation
•Update directional and interpretive signs

The public was invited for a site walk and visited with the project planners on Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 10am. The meeting point was set at Eagle's Point Trailhead ( on El Camino del Mar at the border with Lincoln Park).

Construction Schedule:
Fall 2013 – overlook removal and new viewpoint installation
Winter 2013-14 – native plant revegetation
Contact Information:
Jennifer Greene
415-561-3054; jgreene@parksconservancy.org

Project Documents:

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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