2014 General Management Plan

1 MSP 10-17-13.pdf

458_0506 GOGA Review and Decision Process.pdf

459_Feb2006 Project Agreement.pdf

460_051004 Tranmittal Letter.pdf

461_051101 Agenda Draft.pdf

462_071029 Edit of Foundation Final.pdf

463_Leglislation Appendix for Foundation 060726.pdf

464_Foundation Statement Drafts 2005.pdf

465_Primary Interpretive Themes Workshop Booklet March 2006.pdf

466_GOGA PA Amendment 73969 fully signed 100112.pdf

467_GOGA 73969 signed PA Amend 2 092509.PDF

468_NOI GOGA Vol 71 March 29 2006.pdf

469_GGNRA Key Stakeholders.pdf

470_GOGA GMP Consult List.pdf

471_Public Involvement Strategy Revised 010606.pdf

472_Public Involvement 2005.pdf

473_Public Involvement 2006.pdf

475_Workshop1 February 2005.pdf

476_Workshop2 May2005.pdf

477_Workshop3 November 2005.pdf

580_Boundary Policy 06-4-09.pdf

581_ALCATRAZ BCMP FINAL 20051207.pdf

584_GOGA Collection Plan Draft GOGA SOCS 05-12-09.pdf

585_Muir Woods Historic HRS resource Report.pdf

586_Watering Alcatraz SCN 20050304145531 001.pdf

587_Working Cultural Landscapes.pdf

588_Attachment 2 GIS Data Compilation for the GMP 8/2005.pdf

589_GMP Data Compilation 060531.pdf

590_105-391 NPS ConcMgtAct.pdf

592_2007-6-12 36 CFR Part 51 Amendment Authentic Native Handicrafts.pdf


752__Policy Memo Index.pdf

753_FINAL Memo - RM 38 Part 18 Leasing Reference Manual 2.1.08.pdf

754_RM 38 FINAL 2.1.08.pdf

756_GGNRA LRIP 2011.pdf

757_Management Policies 2006.pdf

758_Appendix D - Rebuild With Counties.pdf

759 California State-Listed Species.pdf

760 California State Listes Plants.pdf

761 Draft Appendix D - Special Status Species (1-19-11).pdf

762 USFWS T&E Species Lists.pdf

763 100 Year Flood MUWO.pdf

766 BAOSC Upland 2007.06.27 Fact Sheet.pdf

767 CA Offshore Leases 2008.pdf

770_Final WEGU doc.pdf

771_GGNRA Marin 100 Year Flood.pdf

772_GGNRA San Manteo 100 Year Flood.pdf

773_GOGA Marine Allen 120506.pdf

774_GOGA Marine Estuarine Fong 120506.pdf

775_GOGA Listed Species by County.pdf

776_State of California Listed Species.pdf

778_T&E Listed Species Tables 05-05-10.pdf

782 Ocean Park Action Plan.pdf

783 RCDT Soils 4/09.pdf

791 FY09 Org Chart V4.pdf

797_San Francisco Bay Trail Status.pdf

798_Sausalito Attachment.pdf

912_Comment Analysis Report 9.8.06.pdf

913_GGNRA NEPA Scoping Mtg Posters 040406.pdf

914_GGNRA Basemap.pdf

915_GGNRA Dog Brochure Web.pdf

916_GOGA Park Purpose.pdf

917_GOGA Park Significance 1.pdf

918_GOGA Park Significance 2.pdf

919_GOGA Park Significance 3.pdf

920_Marin Veg Trails.pdf

921_Notice of Intent Dog Management.pdf

922_SF SM Veg Trails.pdf

924_05 H-03 C (Guide To Comments).pdf

925_Proposed Actions - for PEPC.pdf

928_200x300 Administration Building.jpg

929_SMCSD Locatiom Map.pdf

930_SMCSD Public Sheet.pdf

931_SMCSD BldgRehab 2006 Plans.pdf

933_Artist Rendering Small.jpg

934_Notice of Intent.pdf

936_Comment Form April 306.pdf

937_Comment Form April 3061.pdf

939_GGNRA GMPNewsletter2 Jan07.pdf

940_GGNRA GMPNewsletter2 Jan07Chinese.pdf

941_GGNRA GMPNewsletter2 Jan07Chinese1.pdf

942_GGNRA GMPNewsletter2 Jan07Spanish.pdf

943_GGNRA GMPNewsletter2 Jan07Spanish1.pdf

944_GMP Scoping Report Overview.pdf

947_GOGA GMP News 3 - Oct07.pdf


949_Tab 1 - Scoping Summary.pdf

954_Tab 2 - Mapping Summary.pdf

957_Tab 3 - Focus Groups.pdf

960_Tab 4 - Newsl #1 Comments.pdf

963_Tab 5 - Agency Workshop.pdf

965_Tab 6 - Public Letters.pdf

967_Tab 7 - Data.pdf

969_Tab 8 - Pk Conservancy & NPS.pdf

971_05 H03C (Guide to Comments)[1].pdf


973_Handout Pubsco1.pdf

975_List of Equestrian Scoping Comments.pdf

977_Map Boundary ID.pdf

979_Map Natural Res.pdf

981_Map Roads 1A.pdf

982_Map Road Trail Loc.pdf

984_Map Spatial Use.pdf

986_Marin Equestrian Public Meeting- LV.pdf

987_MJ Roads2.jpg


989_Photo A.jpg

991_Poster BMP.pdf

993_Poster Business Plan.pdf

995_Poster Cultural Res.pdf

997_Poster Existing Conditions.pdf

999_Poster Facilities Maint.pdf

1001_Poster Interpretive Prog.pdf

1003_Poster Natural Res.pdf

1005_Poster Operations.pdf

1007_Poster Other Needs.pdf

1009_Poster Outreach.pdf

1011_Poster Park Purpose.pdf

1013_Poster Park Significance1.pdf

1015_Poster Purpose.pdf

1017_Poster Safety Sanitation.pdf

1019_Poster Trail Care.pdf

1021_Poster Welcome1.pdf

1022_Purpose For Equestrian Policy.pdf

1024_Purpose For Stable Policy.pdf

1025_SMEP Comment.pdf

1518_1997Cal Public Rec Survey.pdf

1519_2002 Cal Public Rec Survey.pdf

1521_2002 Cal Scorp Plan.pdf

1522_2002 Cal Scorp Summary.pdf

1523_San Mateo County Recreation.pdf

1532_06 San Mateo VISSRV11.pdf

1536_CA Health Benefits 081505.pdf

1537_CA Recreation Trends 081505.pdf

1538_050629 Social Science Inventory.pdf

1539_050629 Social Science Summary Spreadsheet.pdf

1543_American Comm Survey B#147C.pdf

1544_GMP Key Findings Demogr #2AD4.pdf

1546_SFSU GGNRA Ethnic Focus Groups Executive Summary 07.pdf

1547_SFSU GGNRA Focus Groups Final Report07.pdf

1551_Social Science Planning Team Questions.pdf

1553_Social Science Short Summary.pdf

1556_Bay Area Population Projections (DW graphs).pdf

1557_E-1 2009 County Population Estimates.pdf

1558_E-1 2009 Press Release California County Population.pdf

1559_Ethnicity 2000-2007 by County Tables.pdf

1561_Golden Lands Pocket Sheet Final.pdf

1562_Golden Lands Handout Final.pdf

1563_Marin County Plan.pdf

1564_Marin Data from Cal DoF.pdf

1567_NPS Social Sciences - Economic Impact (MSU report).pdf

1568_Population-Race Projections 2000-2050 by County.pdf

1569_Regional Planning in the Bay Area ppt..pdf

1570_San Francisco Data from Cal DoF.pdf

1571_San Mateo Data from Cal DoF.pdf

1572_SF Facts - Convention Bureau.pdf

1573_SF Housing Needs Plan.pdf

1574_Socio Data by County (USCensus & ACS 05-07).pdf

1575_TPL - Benefits of Parks.pdf

1576_TPL - Econ Benefits of Land Conservation.pdf

1577_TPL - Econ Benefits of Parks & OpenSpace.pdf

1578_Urban Parks as Community Places (UC Davis).pdf

1580_GOGA Special Mandates Summary_060703.pdf

1582_Special Mandates Easements.pdf

1585_TF Phase2 Proj Ranking Prior 20070607.pdf

1586_TF Project Priorities 4 Lite.pdf

1587_Complete Agenda Packet.pdf

1588_Decision Making Process.pdf

1590_CTMP Boards New 5-04.pdf

1591_Process Graphic.pdf

1592_Comment Sheet.pdf

1593_Tsk 3.0 Rec Travel Model Documentation.pdf

1594_071212 LRTP GMP Briefing.pdf

1595_GMP Transportation Planning Flowchart.pdf

1596_LRTP Hrz 5-2.27.08.pdf

1597_GGNRA PH 1 Transp Analysis FULL.pdf

1599_GOGA TMP GMP PA 100510D.pdf

1600_Outline of Major Tasks for Phase II SOW 032307.pdf

1601_120406 GOGA GMP Sheffield Presentation.pdf

1602_Devils Slide Rpt Final 12-16.pdf

1604_Report Appendicies.pdf

1605_Report Executive Summary.pdf

1607_GMP Key Findings GOGA Visitors Short.pdf

1608_Milagra Ridge Data Tables.pdf

1609_Mori Point Data Tables.pdf

1610_Phleger Estate Data Tables.pdf

1611_San Mateo Report.pdf

1612_Sawyer Camp Trail Data Tables.pdf

1613_SUMMARY 2008 Scope Draft 12-12-07.pdf

1614_Sweeny Ridge Data Tables.pdf

1615_GMP Orientation Binder Format FINAL.pdf

1634_060310 GOGA Partners Meetings Final.pdf

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